Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


No poll said that. That’s a misunderstanding of what polls are.


Sounds like due diligence.




You know you are describing right wing radio and Fox News and their supporters perfectly, right?


please show where the wide-scale support is only for him personally


i can be convinced of anything if i see proof

objective proof


I believed the first 6 words.


I think his personality is capable changing people’s mind. It’s not that he happens to magically reflect the preferences of a large group of supporters, is that he to some extent changes their mind. It’s common with leaders.

Just a few years ago it was horrible for Obama to engage with dictators but Trump managed to convince his supports to do a complete reversal on that. There’s other issues you could point to in a similar manner but that is the most clear.



I can easily get at least a thousand quotes from fat donald that prove otherwise.


i dont think so. he is typically either liked or reviled. anecdotally dpeaking havd you heard anyone say “i didnt like him at first but now i do?” i havent. but i dont get out much

trump doesnt just “engage” with dictators. he stands up to them, makes demands. something obama (or anyone) did not do so well.


Please show proof that trump doesnt like pizza while wearing a blue suit and a green tie…while listening to led zeppelin on a Monday morning, while he does cardio because he is over weight…


Right. Had Obama stated he fell in love with Kim Jong Un, one could only wonder how the right would have treated them.

Trump is liked by his followers, which is why they’re willing to adopt views they would have opposed if it had been someone they reviled. It’s far more to do with personality than the actual policy. The rationalizations come after the fact.


i have heard Trump supporters be critical of that remark. as was i


So? You’re trying to tell me he’s standing up to dictators even as he says he’s falling in love with them?


Cult, meh

Same think was said about Ronald Reagan’s supporters in 1980. Bunch of Christians fanatics, no way he can win.


Yep. Or caring about morality and ethics and integrity. And now showing complete hypocrisy on these fronts. The same with family values. It was all a facade from them. They’ve revealed who they truly were all along.



Okay, now I know you’re trolling us all here. Thanks for revealing yourself.


Trump’s holding a rally tonight while Florida is getting devastated. Don’t worry, he knows what he’s doing. :laughing:


The true sign of a good leader is to engage in a campaign rally while a part of the country is facing a devastating natural disaster. Nothing screams leadership more does it? :laughing:


yeah. The “falling in love” bit is just his typical style of hyperbole. Do you really think they actually fell in love?

Regardless, as I said, I think it was a stupid thing to say.