Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


That depends, on if he’s saying if you want to know what Trump says, or what his policies are, listen to him, and don’t rely on the biased, out of context interruptions by anti-Trump media.


lol - and I’m called a partisan.


How about just basic facts? Like actual verifiable facts? Because you can’t go to him for that.

  1. what data or info do you have that supports this?
  2. thats an opinion with no proof
  3. had nothing to do with it

at least you tried instead of posting on line dictionary defs



Trump likes to call attention to issues and policies by being absurd, satirical, and it is tough to tell sometimes. Especially when he uses trivial stuff to push people’s buttons with, and just to tweak his TDS suffering political opponents.


Support of his policies du jour? No?

Support of Trump as a person? Definitely.


Come back to this point after you learn something about polling and statistics, please.


Christians supporting Donald Trump the man. That’s some crazy stuff right there.


Trumpers are simply in denial. We can’t convince you of anything. Truth isn’t truth, there can be alternative facts. We can’t fix that level of dysfunction in your party.


It’s the dems who lived and died by them in 2016, and were shocked and amazed how wrong they were, that never learn.


Says the people who live in a fantasy land, and are enraged and consumed with hate.


That’s a good point. The leader of the Republican party never lashes out at people on Twitter. Not his fellow Americans, vets and not his mistresses.


What were Trump’s vows?

Does every marriage use the same vows?
No. So you must have some special insight into what vows he broke.

Share, Lib.



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Trump’s never been hateful.

He has been targeted and assaulted repeatedly for two years, with nothing but hate from the elected dems, and the hate-Trump news media, and the insane, rage and hate-filled Hollywood pop culture types.




The hate for Trump from the left has been on full display for over two years now. We even have elected dems calling for vengeance against people who simply support Trump’s policies.

"If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. You push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!"

The collective “left” are consumed with rage and hate for Trump, and anyone who does not join them in hating Trump with them


Like i said, some of you people live in a fantasy land, where your collective reality is created from rumors, innuendo and false assumptions, and purposeful ignorance.

You may not be in that group, but you do seem to play with it and dance around the edges.


And yet in 2012…


This is a ridiculous position to take. I mean I guess if you require that we should intent behind his hate but the truth is that his rhetoric is hateful. There are plenty of quotes to suggest that.