Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


Yes, why would he make such a statement unless he was serious?


No, not literal. But it is emblematic is the warm embrace he’s extended to Kim (figurative). He’s not playing tough guy. He’s playing best friend.


It was meant to indicate that they established a relationship of trust.

remember now - hyperbole.


You believe then he is a homosexual, in love with Kim, who, also a homosexual, is in love with Trump, which did not occur until they met for that summit?

Don’t hold back on the crazy - tell us what you really believe.

After all you watch msnbc. probably.


I know exactly why he’s doing it.

I think it’s important to portray it accurately. You claim he’s acting all tough when in actuality he’s gone a completely different direction.


You can love another male and not homosexual.


You’re definitely right. Who knew cons could be such sellouts / idiots. Congrats, you lowered the bar!


you can also speak in hyperbole.


he didnt threaten to “totally destroy nk?”

sounds tough to me


That was before they fell in love. Now they’re best friends.


What precondition was there that was met for him to change his stance from totally destroying them to sitting down and accomplishing nothing tangible?


Every world leader knows exactly how to send tingles up Donnie’s giant pants leg. Just tell him he’s great.


A crazy little thing called Love. You can learn all about it in two Corinthians.


Oh, boo hoo, boo hoo. You need to look a little more closely.


Cults Suck


kim threatening to launch attack on the us. to which previous presidents would barely respond



Uh huu


Wait? Huh?

So in your opinion, Kim threatens to launch on us, and as a show of strength, Trump lends him credence by sitting down with him?!? That makes sense to you?

Other administrations wouldnt have reacted because they wouldnt have wanted to legitimize the little dictator…unfortunately, it seems that Trump sort of envies dictators, and so he did.

Whodathunk that was a good thing?


should we just keep ignoring him?

that would sure help cover for the pervious admins who enabled him


Lol ya they totally arent sanctioned up the ass we just ignored them!