Mid-Term - True Test for Trump

Both Trump and Obama have a cult following. Unfortunately for Obama, his following never translated into downstream wins. During Obama’s 8 year term, DEMs lost 1,000 or so seats.

Fast forward to Trump’s first test in 30 days. Will he fare any better than Obama did?

Well he’s already down a bunch of seats just in special elections and Virginia. I’m thinking he won’t fare better.

will you please define how trump has a “cult following”?

genuinely curious

Both Trump and Obama have a very passionate fan base.

I’m guessing you are being sarcastic? This is the hill you want to die on?

Why not instead address the overall flavor of the OP regarding downstream impact?

I think I’m going to grab some popcorn.


Trumps has already lost 40+ and we haven’t even had a mid term yet.

Other than that and trump’s dismal approval ratings, what else ya got?

You mean his rapidly improving approval ratings?

The latest generic poll has republicans down 13%, so yeah, they’re gonna lose some seats.

People who support trump

They all wear their pretty red hat uniforms

It’s a true test for America. Do they want to reward the lunatic Democratic Party left, and their violence before and since the election? The calls for by their elected dems for more violence from their followers. The despicable, deceitful behavior over this SCOTUS nomination?

Vote for anarchy, violence and lawlessness - vote Democrat


…and Hilary is going to win in 2016 with a landslide election in her favor. The polls say so, so it must be true.

The national polls were pretty accurate.


i will address the OP “flavor” only if the OP is not substantively false.

a “passionate base” does not make a cult.

Nope, the OP had a moment of clarity. You all are a cult.


nothing clears things up like good obstinate doubling down


When have cults ever been a bad thing?

pink ones better?