Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


It wasn’t about locking up Hillary or fixing healthcare or the national debt, etc.

It’s only about one thing.


It’s almost literally a 6 year old girl going nyah nyah nyah then blowing her tongue spit in your face. That’s the state of trumpism


They don’t care that Trump broke his marriage vows. Some even bragged that his mistresses are hot.


Maybe because Trump himself has said the mid-terms were a referendum about him.


■■■■■ hats

not cult?


He’s definitely cancelled some safety regs. Even small towns in Alabama (who voted 80% Trump) are fighting Trump on them. It’s actually hilarious to watch.


“Both Trump and Obama have a cult following.”

Hell, even the OP knows it’s a cult. We see it here each day.


yet you cant describe what you see here everybday.


Who are these women gathering to listen to? One person? The same person in every city?


See what? Gratefulness that Donald Trump beat the wicked witch? Yeah… you see that for sure.


remember “great devotion to an idea” from mr merriam webster?

  1. Believing anything the man says even if they are provable lies.
  2. Abandoning all morals for the sake of the most unfit person to ever sit in the WH.
  3. Now all the “bad” things Obama did are perfectly acceptable under trump. (golf, spending, etc…)

And this is just off the top of my head.


I don’t need to take a job. I’ve arrived at a point in life where I work part time for myself.


I think the denial we’re seeing in this thread is easy for Trump supporters. Heck, look how easy it was for them to transition from caring about the debt to totally ignoring it.


That really says it all, especially their deafening silence. They dont even have the courage to talk about it.


Precisely. Those of use who are fiscal conservatives no longer have a place in the Republican party. I personally wouldn’t want to associate with them with all the vitriol that Trump spouts anyway, but it will suck for them during elections.


You forgot this one:

Being forever thankful for his beating Hillary Clinton.


I think the biggest indication of a Trump “cult” is him actually telling his supporters that they can only believe what they hear from him. Ignore everything else. Which is even worse when combined with his non stop lying, exaggeration, conspiracy theories, baseless claims and the clear evidence that he has no knowledge about many of the things he’s talking about.


They’re not fiscally conservative. They pretend when it’s convenient.


It’s interesting that with 20/20 hindsight, everyone now claims they knew that the polls had the election between Trump and Hilary as razor thin.