Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


They don’t care. Debt continues to climb at a rapid rate and not one follower has made a stink. Not one Tea Party rally.

Where are his most vocal supporters, the CEC, demanding that Trump reduce the debt? Where is the CEC telling their followers to demand that their representatives do something? They don’t. They spend their times kissing Trumps feet, demeaning Dr Ford or crying STILL about Hillary and obstruction.


Excellent and spot on description of Trump supporters. Kudos to you.


they are not actually “in love” but then i understand hyperbole

regardless it was a stupid thing to say.

cult cult cult!!!


Ooh this is fun

If Democrats win both hours, it will be because of their complicit media and not a repudiation of Trump

If Democrats win the house but lose the senate then it will be billed as a loss

If there is any negative economic news between nov 6 and January 1at it will be blamed on the Democrats who weren’t even seated yet


thats because they dont care about his previous indiscretions, cheating, divorces, locker room talk, etc

i love it though because back in the gay 90’s, you weren’t allowed to be critical of angel bubba because that was “his business” (even though it went on in the white house while he was supposed to be doing his job)

so to that i say, suck that

(not to you i mean you know, to everyone in the 90’s who shrugged their shoulders, like the hard hitting CNN)


Trump is awesome!


Oh they care…you talk about it then you care…


That’s crap. Its all about results, whether someone is a Republican or a Democrat. Politicians are sleaze buckets as a matter of course. What matters is whether or not they are delivering on the policies that they promised and that you voted for.


As do people who are not in a cult.
Please dont ever take a job where logic is required.


Its not, its character. Trump is “anti-establishment”, tough guy who will get things done, businessman who knows how to get deals done, bring Merry Christmas back. Built up this empire from mere pennies. Not afraid to speak his mind.

All that is character. He built up this character that Republicans bought into. Part of that character is him as a person. And one cannot ignore that his character sucks. Cheating on his wife? Part of his character. Paying off people to stay quiet. Part of his character. Lying constantly. Part of his character.

You can pretend that you only care about his policies and whether they get accomplished, but there’s more than that.


Not sure where you’re getting the over 1500 seats number. Most people list 1000 and Obama got a lot of blame for that from both sides.

If Republicans hold on to both chambers by the skin of their teeth then they can claim a victory at the national level. We’ll have to see how the governor elections and state elections go to see who won.

If the Republicans lose the House it’s a clear victory for the Democrats. No way to deny that.

If the Republicans keep the Senate its just a push for Republicans because this year’s elections are setup with a big disadvantage to Democrats. Just they way it works out this year.

If the Republicans lose the House and Senate than it’s a Republican catastrophe.

But also, the Republicans are looking at losing 8 or so governorships and who knows how many state seats. Dems are going to pick up plenty and that 1000 seat loss during Obama’s eight years(that has already been chipped away at in special and two state elections since Trump took office) is going to drop big time.

It’s pretty clear that Republicans are going to lose a bunch of seats in November. The question is will it be a bad night or a really really bad night.


6000 people all wearing red hats to a rally.


Getting people to chant “lock her up”, at every rally.



That’s all there is. Why would I want a saint in office who does nothing that I care about in regards to governing the country. I’ll take a sleaze ball who gets things done over a do nothing saint any day of the week.


It’s not really about results. Trump, especially Congress, has failed in numerous ways and his ardent supporters will support him regardless because they don’t blame Republicans for these failures.


That’s the current odds. But thus far Trump has beat the odds at every turn. Good news is that we don’t have much longer to wait.




Trump has delivered on many of his promises, much to the chagrin of DEMs. :+1:


He’s far from infallible.


Did anyone think he’d fail at everything? Obviously not. Even if he did, would you vote for a Democratic candidate? Obviously not.


Yep you’re just like them congrats!