Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


if used out of context yes

one is not in a “cult” just because they are greatly devoted to their family.

and “cult” is certainly never used in that context


no one is defending anyone

just wondering how trump supporters are a “cult following”

no one has explained yet


A lot of people explained it. You just predictably refuse to accept it.


actually no, no has adequately explained anything


Are you asking me if they vote and if their votes count?


Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just because you don’t use it in that context doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate.


And to you, no one will be able to. You’re way too far down the rabbit hole.


i am in no hole

just looking for someone to explain how trump’s supporters are a cult following.


Another group that is cult like for Donald Trump is evangelicals. Which doesn’t make any sense. They’re married to the guy.


You libs own the house and senate…congrats you all.


Nope. You brought up a cult following. Cult is when people support the person more than the issues. Trump was supported because he was taking up issues in trade and immigration that many supported but few leaders ran on…seriously.
If he drops these issues, he is dropped by his base overnight.


I was playing fast and lose with the definition in an attempt to initiate a discussion about the mid-terms. I never envisioned members would instead fixate on my use of the term cult.

Oh well!


There we have it. Doesn’t really matter what the dictionary definition is or common sense usage of the word. Turns out the definition of “cult” is whatever definition it can be wrestled into to liberate Trump followers from their cult.


you do have the right to clarify your point. or change your Op for the sake of the discussion you seek


I would say most cult members would want this OP reworded.


yeah we know you would


Trump supporters are cultists, they chose to stick by a man who cheated on his wife with a porn star (supporting the person), told a person on a recording he grabbed ■■■■■ (sexual assault), paid hush money to keep women quiet, cheated on his taxes, sided with dictators.

All these are examples of people supporting the man.

And on the issues, he hasn’t built a wall, didn’t repeal ObamaCare, didn’t put Hillary in jail, HAS raised the debt. And yet, his followers still worship every word he says. They still support him.

  1. Mexico hasn’t paid for that huge border wall that Trump promised that he will get built.
  2. The National debt has increased by over 1.6 trillion dollars since Trump has been President.
  3. Hillary hasn’t been locked up and still out there giving her opinions.

Despite these three things, Trump’s base still loves him and still completely supports him.


He’s kinda like “Ponzi Scheme” guy. The investors are investing and physically excited about the coming windfall.


is “cult following” your only explanation of his ongoing support?