Mid-Term - True Test for Trump


Doubled the deficit.

Continued job growth trends.

Git used by Kim Jong un


Peek made all the cultists angry… lol!


At least a republican here finally said it. We all knew it.


Fat donald is literally in love with a murderous dictator and his cult followers are ok with it.


where is there any display of anger?


Lol…his base doesnt drop him


By his own admission, no less. Words that, had they come from the mouth of Clinton or Obama, would have sent them into apoplexy.


There might be about 5% of Republicans who don’t think he is a good person, actually think he is a really awful, pitiful, disgusting human being. But they are Republicans, and support what agenda Republicans are putting forth, so they have to tolerate him because he is the leader of the Republicans.

Anyone who claims that they JUST support his policies are kidding themselves.


how do you get 5%?

im pretty sure most of his supporters know he has flaws


They share his flaws.


data supporting that?


Our Esteemed Host went ape ■■■■ on TV when Obama said that he would be willing to talk to Kim Jong-un.

Now his BFF Trump says he fell in love during their conversations. OEH has been the perfect obsequious courtier during it all. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen such an obscene level of hypocrisy on display. Please correct if my facts are off.


Obama says he’ll talk to Kim: Kenyan usurper, traitor to God and Country!

Donald says he fell in love with Kim: Brilliant man, the only one who could have done it, thank you Jesus!


:laughing: :laughing:


Question, you ok with trump being in love with Kim Jing-Un?


The problem with that is that the left would jump on that and represent supporters of Trump as mindless cult followers who know nothing about and care nothing about issues.


And here’s an example of what I was talking about.


Actually during the “Obama Years” democrats lost over 1,500 seats nationally but he was never given any blame for that by dem’s.

If Republicans out perform expectations by hanging onto both houses, Trump will get no credit.

If Republicans under perform this will be billed as a refutation of Trump and his agenda.

If Republicans gain seats in the Senate but lose the house it will still be billed as a repudiation of Trump and his agenda.

No matter what happens Nov 6th democrats and their willing accomplices in the Media are either going to declare that it was a loss for Trump or that the nation has been taken over by racist, misogynist, immigrant hating white nationalists.


Not one TRump supporter or loyal torchbearer for Hannity have ever addressed that point. They just deflect or ignore.


But they don’t care one bit. Nada.

Stormy Daniels? She was called a prostitute, as well as other demeaning things. Not one supporter said “we’ll, this is really embarrassing that he cheated on his wife.”

Then when it came out he did pay her hush money, his supporters shrugged their shoulders. Not one came out and said “wow, this guy is really disgusting. He has zero character.”