Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation is Coming

Do you not understand the difference between growth and rate of growth?

Did the USA and/or Australia have a recession during the GFC? Which country has a significantly higher hourly minimum rate?

Obviously not :rofl:

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That does not answer my question. Well, unless the answer is no, that is.


Australia 42,000 ranked 10th

US 51,700 ranked 5th

Don’t think it can’t happen to the US:

List of countries which experienced hyperinflation

Angola 1991-1995

Argentina 1975-1991

Austria 1921-1922

Belarus 1994-2002

Bolivia 1984-1986

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1993

Brazil 1986-1994

Bulgaria 1996

Chile 1971-1973

China 1948-1949

Free City of Danzig 1922-1923

Georgia 1993-1995

Germany 1922-1923

Greece 1942-1944

Hungary 1945-1946

Israel 1970-1971 Japan 1948-1951

Krajina 1992-1993

Madagascar 2004-2005

Mozambique 1977-1992

Nicaragua 1987-1990

Peru 1988-1990

Philippines 1942-1944

Poland 1989-1991

Romania 1998-2005

Russia 1921-1922 and 1992-1999

Turkey 1990-1995

Ukraine 1993-1995

United States 1861-1865

Yugoslavia 1989-1994

Zaire 1989-1996

Zimbabwe 2004-2009

Venezuela Present

Our entire GDP could not fund the interest on the debt. Every second the US governemnt goes an additional 500 Million dollars in debt.

I well remember Reagan & that era. I know how the press treated him, almost every single thing they said about Trump they said about Reagan, including wanting to put him in jail.

They Hated his guts, & treated Carter like he was just great, like they are with Biden right now, including ignoring Carter & Biden’s complete incompetency & economic stupidity. They will follow Biden strait into total meltdown all the while talking about how intellectual & wonderful he is, how wonderful his policies, & how wonderful his far leftist insanity is, even after it becomes obvious it’s hurting us all.

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NOW it seems the democrats are going for broke, that is, national bankruptcy!


Better become a prepper, you are going to NEED it…

Doesn’t really have an answer…

Huh, looks like the Democrats are giving us a trashed economy…

Top Wall Street Executives Say Inflation Could Be Worse Than Predicted - The Philadelphia Post-Intelligencer (thephillypi.com)

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What is the relevance of the 91% white population in this conversation?

A higher minimum wage would be stimulative to the economy as love wage workers save virtually nothing. All those wages would be poured back into our economy.


A point intentionally missed/ignored by conservatives. They like to say tax cuts to the very richest and corporations will boost the economy and create more jobs.

Is there any evidence that’s true?

No it is not true.

What is true, it is possible to have a period (20+ years) of extended economic growth with a higher minimum hourly rate.

What does that have to do with the democrats printing trillions till we get hyperinflation?