Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation is Coming

Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (nationandstate.com)
This is coming because of democrat policies:
-Covid shutdowns
-Massive borrowing
-Massive money printing to pay for their insane ideological agenda, pork projects, & democrat states bailouts instead of better fiscal policies
-Raising the cost of doing business through the $15 minimum wage, overregulation, tax raises, & cutting off energy sources
-Allowing too much borrowing for stock market investments
-Corruption, in government & large corporations
-Crushing small businesses
(Some of the above are mine, but to me are implied in the article)

Let me assure you that demonstrably having a higher minimum hourly rate is not an impediment to sustained long term economic growth.

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It’s not the first year of a democrat presidir there isn’t a prediction about hyperinflation due to high spending.

2009 called it would like it’s rhetoric back.

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How much do you think we can get away with printing before it causes inflation? Unlimited amounts?


Check the deficit under trump before you blame the Ds.

Didn’t support his deficit spending either.

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No not unlimited amounts. The March multi trillion money didn’t do it but we had a republicans president back then. Inflation wasn’t a concern then

This is a no ■■■■ Sherlock moment. You can’t fill the economy with money that was printed and distributed and not earned.

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The 20’s will roar. :wink:


Don’t worry, there’s a guy in charge who’s been fixing things in Washington for 50 years.

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We have repeatedly. Twice less than a year ago.

Twelve years and we’re still on the Weimar hyperinflation thing. Lawd.

Unless all of our debtors are going to demand their money in gold immediately, this will never happen.


Just kept quiet about it while vocally supporting him on basically everything else.

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Let me assure that it this is hogwash. If what you are saying is true, just make minimum wage 30 dollars per hour.

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I know my friend, of which…I was a recipient and in part, I’m ashamed. April was a scary month last year and the second worst in my history but if I’d have known what the rest of the year would have been, I’d have gone it alone and not placed a tax burden on children that haven’t even been born yet.

You shouldn’t be ashamed. You also probably shouldn’t post things like this is a “no ■■■■■ moment when in fact inflation didn’t spike. Neither in March nor in 2009 nor throughout qe

It’s possible that there is some breaking point for inflation to start creeping up but this hyperbole is just that.

This is a train I can see the headlight of…coming down the track and I don’t believe it’s a mirage…and thank you for the kind words.

Did you see it in March?

Save 6 months last year related to the cost of our lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic Australia, with significantly higher minimum hourly rates than the USA, had well in excess of 25 years+ annual economic growth.

No. What I saw and verbally predicted was the best month in our history. Week one was right on track and so was week two. Then the media began really scaring people about the incoming pandemic. Week three was good but much weaker and week four was poor, making the month a good one but not a record. That came in May and was then exceeded in July. In my business, you always have to look at least 90 days ahead and have a fairly accurate crystal ball.