Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


It had circulated around Washington and many news organizations before Buzzfeed posted it.

According to you, it was created out of thin air. It took a lot of work to do that. You think they just decided not to use it before the election. It wasn’t hidden. Steele had shared it before the election. Clinton and the Dems didn’t hide it for later use.
After the Comey speech(es) they threw everything but the kitchen sink into play. They had to believe Trump would win in order for the dossier to have any value. That just doesn’t make logical sense.


LOL. Stephen King spends a tremendous effort to create fiction from thin air (as opposed to the thick air of other writers.)



It did circulate around news organizations before CNN identified it and Buzzfeed subsequently published it. They would not publish it simply because it was unsupported. There was not basis for an unsupported dossier to be news.
When Comey handed it to Trump, it provided the “news” shield to legitimately publish it. It became officially newsworthy even though the salacious parts could not be verified.


What hole? You mean the indictments, convictions and the future developments from the Russia investigations? Stop, you’re killing me, conan. Maybe you guys are dreaming this all means nothing but the people who matter know otherwise.


Page is a slimeball. An outright slimeball. He doesn’t do anything positive for your cause. It’s mindblowing you guys are treehugging him.


Page doesn’t come off as the most sympathetic character in the world but he appears to be an academic who was never involved in any kind of collusion. He went to the Naval Academy and by all accounts is a decent, honorable American who is entitled to his constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure respected

The FBI surveiled him for 9 mons so maybe they’re sitting on some smoking gun evidence of wrongdoing but I doubt it at this point.


Would Patriot Mueller leave a Russian colluder in the oval office even for one more day if he had evidence?


I’ll stand by what I said. The Russians wanted Page. The FBI knows it. And he didn’t shy away from them.


People have this strange idea that oppo research must be false.


You may be right but he hasn’t been arrested yet. The FBI no doubt has his emails and texts as well as voice calls so they know what he was up to. He was apparently hanging out with some sketchy Russians and it would make sense for the FBI to keep tabs on him. My problem is with the FISA warrants. They allow total surveillance and not just for communications made outside the US but on US soil as well. The FBI clearly didn’t have enough probable cause to get the warrants without the dossier or else they wouldn’t have used it.


Would patriot Republicans leave a Russian colluder in the Oval Office if Mueller did have the evidence? Given their conduct over the last year or so, they certainly would.


The FBI, in the interest of national security, had all the cause they need to do what they did. People need to stop this crazy idea that’s being floated by Repubs of looking at Page as some kind of hero or patriot. He’s not anything close to that and doesn’t deserve any kind of support. He’s closer to a traitor than a patriot.


What question did you answer?
I answered the question about why I think you and Mueller got… plenty of nuttin.


Stop playing the game of not understanding what someone is saying to avoid answering. You know exactly
what I was referring to. I’m not your tutor.


And I was not posting about Republicans. I posted why I am sure Mueller has nothing.


Should be easy for you to show a specific incident of the special counsel leaking

Do that. Bring back examples. We’ll wait.


Yes, total surveillance for those who through evidence are suspected of being a foreign agent. On 9/11 I hope you’ll agree that’s a good thing.


Yes Clinton saw what steele did with fifa and was like can you cook me up something along those lines? Everyone knows that work on fifa was trump should be easy.

■■■■ this conspiracy is stupid.


Secret society part 2.


And I posted a reply an answer that had everything to do with what you said. Sorry it did not please you.