Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?

Text by Strzok suggest there was a deliberate strategy of leaking to the news media to undermine the duly elected president.

““I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go,” Strzok texted Page on April 10, 2017”

And we all remember what the first year of the Trump presidency was like. A steady drip of leaks about Russians which turned out to be false. If that was a coordinate strategy by old Obama admin members and not organic, it’s very serious… Real collusion.

Leads you right back to who assigned the job of telling Trump about the dossier to Comey etc…

Did you ever even consider that it might be a strategy to combat leaks?

Which they had talked about in numerous other texts?

These desperation tactics are very tiresome.


Yeah. Right.

“Two days later, Strzok wrote, “Well done, Page,” and told her that two negative articles about Page’s “namesake” would soon come out. That was an apparent reference to Carter Page, the former Trump adviser whom the FBI surveilled for months after obtaining a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court.”

What was false about the stories?

Did somebody say they were leaking false stories only?
The question is, were they authorized to leak anything.

I assume this was to combat the NY office going rogue and leaking tons of information to Rudy during the election and the possibility of blackmailing Comey into writing the letter about Clinton…

But the right tends to ignore the ny office going rogue…because they rather project that type of story onto the rest of the FBI and control the narrative

This must be that “whataboutism” so many posters on the left are talking about.

It’s not whataboutism… it is an explanation.

Is there a crime here or just standard Trump-supporter whining?

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Its an explanation that leaks regarding Trump in Washington were to offset leaks regarding Clinton in New York? That doesn’t explain anything. If different political segments of the FBI are fighting one against the other to see who can leak the most, then the whole organization would need reorganizing.
If its an explanation, its not a very realistic one.

No…it happened…you ignore it and push the idea the FBI is against trump…its classic reverse racism ( the tactic not actual racism).

If the leaks were authorized then no crime. Certainly that needs to be researched. Whining that the FBI might be coordinating political leaks against the Chief Executive? If true, that is certainly worth a whine and justification for sacking everyone involved. The President is elected. Bureaucrats are to follow orders, not subvert the elected branch.

In no way would leaks about one politician justify leaks about another politician in an unrelated matter. If unauthorized leaks occurred in New York, the proper (and only) way to handle that would be to investigate and take corrective action.

If there was a crime I’m sure the Trump administration will get right to the bottom of it. It’s not like they have a history of crying about the corrupt deep state, Hillary’s long list of “crimes,” etc., and then not doing anything about it despite controlling all branches of government.

have you ever considered the fact that it might not be.

they got fired for no reason.

do they control Mueller

Why would they investigate that matter that helped them win? Why draw attention to it?

Oh yeah that’s why

They got fired for politics.

did mueller get hired for politics?