Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


Fake reporters will continue writing/creating fake news.

It’s all they got.


If you are trying to convince someone of something, don’t thrown in obvious fake news. Steele was not hired until after the DNC took over. Only the Democrats were involved with the Steele dossier, the fact that someone else paid for some other research has no relevance.
Of course there are parts that can be verified. You don’t put a fake story on a fake background. How hard is it to find that Trump went to Moscow?


So all you have is more name calling nonsense. Two years and counting of nothing more than bile.

Mueller leaks and you claim the Congress is chasing its tail?

Go right ahead, we are conditioned to it now.



It showed they used falsehood to FISA to spy on Carter Page.


Manafort just got convicted of tax fraud, bank fraud and failure to disclose a bank account. He’s a convicted liar. And the government had Page under surveillance. He’s no innocent. But Page denies it so you believe HIM? God, some people will believe anything. (They voted for Trump after all.)


People should read the dossier for themselves. It’s preposterous on its face and also preposterous that a seasoned agent like Strzok would have believe a word of it.


Keep thinking that. The hole you’re in is getting deeper every day. :slight_smile:


Let’s take a look at just this thread to find a few of the fake stories that Fox has peddled to their viewers.

  1. The dossier is “fake” - The truth is that nothing in the dossier has been proven to be false and some has been corroborated.
  2. Seth Rich - this needs no explanation
  3. Mueller has been leaking information to harm the Trump brand
  4. Manafort charged for cheating on his taxes in 2006. Leaving out the fact he was charged for bank fraud in 2015
  5. FISA docs prove Obama DOJ was corrupt - We will wait and see but, so far, this seems like a big stretch
  6. Bruce Ohr - Career FBI official decided to ruin his name and career to… what is it exactly? Undermine Trump?

Now they want you to believe that today’s conspiracy is that Strzok and Page created a systematic, strategic effort to undermine Trump and stoke fears of Russian collusion.

At what point do some of you start to question these conspiratorial concepts?.


In a thread claiming the DoJ is strategically leaking anti-Trump information and you’re whining about fake news.

Can you guys keep your story straight?


What falsehood? They weren’t initially going after Page. He’s a dimwit who ended up in FBI’s net when they were investigating Russian spies.


I vote mundane but the CEC and Trump followers will bellow that the redacted pages will reveal the Greatest Scandal In Human History, and that it could bring Trump’s War on The Deep State to within a measurable distance of its end.


It does? The Nunes memo shows falsehoods/lies to spy on Page? What falsehoods exactly?


You mean the hole that you dug?

Sorry bud but no one believe your crap.


Ironic that this is all we have heard from the Mueller leaks as well.

SOMEBODY is full of ■■■■.


So your theory is that Hillary and the Dems created this dossier with a few kernels of truth and a bunch of false and salacious information. In order to… what? What was the purpose of doing this? To discredit Trump? They could have used is before the election. Why didn’t they? Seems like a lot of work with no purpose.


Sure is a prolific pile…Day in and day out…

Shaping brands and defining the issues.



Yes, he used to come back from Russians get get debriefed by the FBI all the time. They used to love him…


Coming from a guy who believes Trump’s ■■■■■■■■ day and day out, I’m not sure impactful your declaration is.


And you accuse others of believing fake news.

You look foolish with this nonsense.


They knew they were going to win the election. HuffPo said there was a 98% chance HIllary wins. You don’t throw out the dossier out there in a situation like that. It could have the same sort of boomerang affect it is largely having now. If you need a hail Mary pass at the last moment, it is always there.
And they got their moneys worth, or thought they did, when the FBI/intelligence agencies handed it to Trump and then immediately informed CNN so it could be released (through a link to buzzfeed, of course).