Media Leak Strategy by FBI and DOJ?


Getting excited for an Obama appointee, eh? Care to espouse a little more on that dam huber is breaking?


Good post Jay.


No…I don’t know much about it. If you do though, I’d like to hear it. It’s my understanding that he has the authority to prosecute where Horowitz does not.


The FBI is in disarray.


If you thought Hillary would win and wanted to shut up Trump after the election, it may have been useful. Trump would not have the media to fight the fake allegations …


First, you originally said this

…in response to being told that the problem with conspiracy theorists is that they confuse and justify their beliefs in illogical ways.

I threw a light challenge to you to explain why you said that. Why get excited over Huber?

Your honest response seems to be: “I don’t know much about it”

That’s the problem.

You had just said because of Huber et al. the “dam is finally starting to burst”.
What dam?
That dam’s going to break because of a guy you don’t know much about?

Seems more like you’ve ingested a bit of a certain conspiracy theory, just enough to parrot a few small bits of it but not enough to understand why.

If you’re telling me a dam is about to burst, and then list a group of people, ya gotta at least be able to fill in the what why where when how.


Didja see Mark Meadows “updated” his letter. :laughing:


whoops, wrong story, wrong page :laughing:

Better let Mark Meadows know you’re angry he lead you astray.



Bookmarking this thread for when James Wolfe pops back up in the news.


Its a complete fiction of Mark Meadows. Once you know that go back and re-read the thread for much hilarity.


I think that emails that were sought through the courts under the FOIA have exposed a political plan of the FBI. I think the underlings of the intelligence communities have had enough and are coming forward. I think the grand jury now investigating McCabe will reveal more information of this coordinated effort between the FBI, the DoJ and the NSA. Do you remember when under President Obama when James Clapper said that the NSA would now share information with all intelligence communities? That allowed access to this information “legal” where as prior to that time, it wasn’t. I believe it was being shared and this will be exposed. Strozk and Page texted about a plan and a back up plan. That “plan” being exposed and all who were a part of it is what’s about to bust the dam wide open.



I do. Do you remember September 11th 2001 and the prohibitive walls between intellegence agencies that caused it?

That’s not true at all.

dude, you just said, incorrectly mind u, but you just said that it: allowed access to this information “legal” where as prior to that time, it wasn’t. But now you’re saying that the sharing of information from the NSA, that you just said is now allowed, needs to be exposed. That’s a big gaping hole in logic.

Ok but you’re wrong, and you also left out Huber, Sessions, and Ohr.

Imo the root of your problem is that you’re not fully reading things. You’re not reading source reporting. You’re picking up what you want to hear from second hand sources and seemingly supplementing it with weak and incomplete thoughts.

The whole foundation is wrong, and anything you try to build on it is just looking like a half ■■■■■■ Q anon toolshed.

For example, you shouted out the name Huber, but still aren’t sure why, but went and built a story anyway.

I imagine it’s frustrating to read this post and easy to get defensive upon my telling you frankly that you’re peddling nonsense, but brother you are, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’d love to have a conversation with you where you hold the same opinions you do now, but at least come to them from facts and reality. I’d like us both to be able to agree a stop sign is red before we argue whether a complete stop or a rolling stop is the right course of action, ya know?


Also, surprised to see no one else mentioning Meadow’s “updated” letter that completely blows the op in this thread up.


Keep something in mind…I do not have access to what I need to know to provide you with details that prove I know what I’m talking about. I get NOTHING but little crumbs…CRUMBS…over 2 years that just drip, drip, drip out. Now I’m trying to piece together what I think I’m witnessing. I may sound crazy to you but as the truth unfolds, maybe I’ll begin to look more sane and then again…I may be full of feces.


You have access to all the same stuff I do though. Maybe I spend more time on it, maybe your life doesn’t allow for that, which would be fair. I’ve got too much time to give.

so here let me give you a shortcut I’ve found to be very helpful. Marcy Wheeler @

Democrats hate her, Republican hate her. The Deep State hates her. Should be right up your alley.

That makes no damn sense.

That’s some q-anon ■■■■. “bread crumbs” “drip drip drip” Are you snorting that stuff? I hope not.


Can you provide a link please?


Meadows twitter, yesterday, the day after the tweet with the original letter.

or here Why now? more texts

This whole “new text” narrative meadows is trying to weave doesn’t even make sense. First, the Ig already had these texts, the IG released them to meadows. We have the results of the IG investigation already. The 600 page report.


I don’t tweeter. You obviously know a lot about this, but are you forgetting what the IG said about his scope?


I don’t know a lot about this, I’m simply reading the things and when meadows says things that make no damn sense i say it.

also, i updated the post above u to a link of the two letters. The change is minor but significant. Also, none of the Meadows fan-fiction includes James A Wolfe. If he had done that, he’d never been able to claim what he claimed.


It’s all quite ■■■■■■ up, what Meadows is up to.

Hate Strozck all ya like, but the guy was good at finding leakers and spies.

He has a record of catches/prosecutions.

Now, a week after Jeff Sessions declaring war on leakers, is the guy who was being tasked to fight the war on leakers, talking about fighting the war on leakers. Meadows wants us all to forget the timeline and forget half the players and just accept his nonsense here. He wants you to think that they were talking about articles they weren’t. He wants you to think they leaked the FISA which also makes no damn sense, especially when we got James Wolfe trading sex for stories with reporters.