Massive Protests in Europe Over Covid Shutdowns!

I am actually truly amazed at Australia. I figured them to be more independent minded people & wouldn’t out up with having their lives so controlled & their freedoms removed. They seem to be just sheep.

They surrender their freedoms for a morsel of bread…

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Those are two separate things. One does not cancel out the other.

Again, spin it as much as you like, but you can’t make it go away.

Not spinning anything, the left is. They compare it to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc. Talk about spin!

They call 570 riots, over a period of over a year, including burning down the town, looting, rioting, & killing “Peaceful Protests” & an unarmed bunch of goofballs going into the capitol like they did, a one time event lasting maybe 2 hours (technically a riot) an insurrection? Really? It doesn’t even compare.

A real insurrection would have been armed, & lot’s of bodies. If half those who got into the capitol had been armed it would have been a bloodbath.

I’m not trying to say it was ok, it was wrong, on many levels. But the left blows it way out of proportion, & ignores their own bunch of violent true insurrectionists destroying the country for a year.


How many cases of transmission from naturally immune people has the CDC reported?

I can’t find any. I did find this.

A systematic review and meta-analysis including data from three vaccine efficacy trials and four observational studies from the US, Israel, and the United Kingdom, found no significant difference in the overall level of protection provided by infection as compared with protection provided by vaccination; this included studies from both prior to and during the period in which Delta was the predominant variant [79].

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So, recovery is indeed protection from infection.

It would appear so.


The left doesn’t WANT to hear that…like children holding their ears & stomping their feet…
All because they want to USE covid to impose their dictatorial agenda on us all.


so now, the question. will having been vaccinated and subsequently getting delta provide broader protection against this new variant than vaccination alone, which likely may not?

I would assume this will give natural immunity another leg up, their immunity isn’t just to the now mutated spike sites. Wish I had gotten this thing already and safely recovered.

it kinda supports the idea of risking delta instead of getting a booster. the science isn’t in yet though

Wouldn’t you want the booster first?

no. the whole idea behind what i believe is that once vaccinated memory cells protect you from severe illness from current variants. chance delta, if i get it and recover (as should be the case) then i should have broader immunity against new variants. getting the booster delays the inevitable until the boosters antibodies wear off. 6 months from now the variants may not be as predictable

You could probably still manage to get it after the booster and would have higher immune response. I have still never been tested, for all I know I have had it.

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Most January 6 protests were peaceful. A minority decided to break into the capitol…but those are all we hear about.


It’s certainly all the two posters quoted in your post care about, that’s for sure.

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It’s all about forcing people to buy Vaxx so the politicians and and corporations can get rich.

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Agreed, but you don’t see me pointing to the violent insurrection in a whataboutist attempt to somehow justify the violent BLM protests.

This is something your side does routinely.

lol… you guys are hilarious with your hyperbolic rantings


Mostly “my side” points out the hypocrisy of treating a riot and trespass lasting a few hours as worthy of massive FBI investigations followed by Congressional hearings while downplaying and ignoring those left wing riots, arsons and lootings. Sorry, that tends to make some people believe the hearing on Jan 6 is just political theater …especially when only Pelosi hand picked Republicans are allowed on the panel.


One involved numerous representatives and the president himself.

The other did not.