Mark Levin Blasts Trump Taxation (Tariffs) of American Public


False? Even you yourself said:

At some point it takes a certain level of animus to sustain it like you do. And it certainly comes across as hate.

Look at your other thread of late: “So It’s Official - America Has Recognized North Korea As An International Equal”. None of that is true. It’s not official that we see NK as an equal. It’s not even TRUE that we see them as an equal. In the OP you list some pinnacle all-or-nothing demands, and then declare,

The tenor of your thread is rooting for his failure. And then you go on to say:

No hate there.

And with all that odium and invectives you sound just like every lib on this board, and then moan in indignation when I point it out. I’m the nasty one for speaking the truth.

Damned straight. Blind hatred.


I am giving Mark a pass on this one. I don’t think he did his research. Free trade is only good when everybody participates equally. When some countries use unethical means to make their goods cheaper than ours to gain an edge in our, or other countries, or even their own, markets, thats not free trade.

When one country places tariffs on products produced in the US, thats not free trade. When one country caps the prices American companies can charge in their country, ie:drugs, thats not free trade.


Law enforcement hatin, big gov lovin, anti free trade, drunken sailor spending, Goldman Sachs enthusiasts … Trump’s New Republican Party.


they were in the 1930’s and look what it got us.

smoot-Hawley anyone?

signed by Clueless Hoover in 1930. repealed in 1934 By Roosevelt



so Tariffs and trade wars are the way to go, Hellsy?

Isnt there some middle ground like. Duh. Negotiations?

or is that word verboden in trumpland?



Every lib on the board? Give us all a break.

How do trade wars and tarrifs benefit the United States?

answer me that with some facts not opinions.




Often times seeing the worst in someone is a far cry from blind hatred. So yes, false.

Just because you lack the ability to recognize what someone else is thinking or feeling, it does not mean that your false assumptions are true. But the condescending attitude you have towards others clearly leads you to these false conclusions.

It most certainly is true. Seeing the DPRK flag draped side-by-side with the American flag is an example of this equality that we chose to provide to them.

Rooting for his failure? More condescending false assumptions. You’re really bad at this. :rofl:

So emotional. As I said earlier, you are projecting here. I already apologized for hurting your delicate little feelings. Do you need a towel to wipe all of that spittle off of your keyboard?


Well, true. Maybe not EVERY lib.

But you’re one of them.

Hope that helps.


Calling them taxes on buyers in America is odd. It affects how other countries’ products get into the country. None of this is to say tariffs are good.

The charge of “crony capitalism” is funny. My response to such a charge is “So instead of helping ‘my cronies’ we should help yours instead?”.


Liberty and Tyranny is great as a coffee table book.


Lots of Laughs.

I give facts.

Facts arent hate.

Facts are facts.

sorry they dont fit Trump supporters narrative.

He is putting tariffs on Canada just like in 1930.

That is a cold hard fact.



Levin is absolutely correct on this. One thing most government’s love is more taxation. If they can get those taxes through tariffs, that’s fine with them. We stick more tariffs on incoming goods, they stick more tariffs on our outgoing goods. In the end, those price increases are passed on to the end consumer in both countries, and in both cases consumers are left with less disposable income. Less disposable income leads to lower spending, which lead to decreased demand. Decreased demand leads to higher surpluses in product, which leads to less production. Less production requires less labor. Less labor demanded means higher unemployment.

Congratulations - you’ve just created shrinking economies in the nations having a tariff war.


Bingo! :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:


No, the way to go is through renegotiation of trade deals. Threatening tariffs is a good incentive for the parties to grab their seat at the table. The US, as the #1 consumer country in the world, has far less to lose in a trade war.


True. But it is more than just a threat. They’ve been implemented. And while we may not lose as much as others, we still lose in a trade war.

Inflation is rising. Interest rates are going to climb as well. The market is hyper-inflated. Debt is being accrued at never before seen rates. Deficit spending is at an all time high. A decrease in the amount of money people have to spend, due to an increase in the costs of goods, from a trade war, coupled with the above, is a recipe for our economy entering another recession. Frankly, one that is coming one way or another. We are overdue for our next recession. A trade war only accelerated this potential.


To be honest, as high as the stock market is, I am genuinely worried about just how bad it’s going to be when the bubble bursts.


As am I. And as someone else pointed out in another thread, when Baby Boomers start selling off their portfolios to fund their retirements, what impact will that have on the acceleration of the bubble bursting?

And less anyone mistakes this, I fully understand the market has zero to do with the President.


Anyone who actually listens to Levin would have predicted this since he has always been against tariffs & the possibility of a trade war, he has been talking about it for years so its no surprise to me at all that he disagrees with POTUS. And NEWS FLASH for all you lockstep liberals……. conservatives, constitutionals and many libertarians can disagree on subjects and issues without turning on each other like rabid dogs.

Levin and Hannity, along with Limbaugh will always be friends and in varying degrees all of them support President Trump because they all know he is and will be better then any liberal hairball Democrats cough up!


You act like we don’t export anything.


Of course. Because he is a fiscal conservative. Something that Trump is diametrically opposed to. Likewise with his supporters. They clearly believe that the government should tax American consumers and businesses more and more and more and more. Just like big government liberals. Birds of a feather.