Mark Levin Blasts Trump Taxation (Tariffs) of American Public


If Obama was was doing the Tariffs, Levin would be against and all the Rs here would be roiling against Obama.

But since its trump and he’s MAGA, he gets support.

weird huh.



I generally disagree with Levin.

But he’s dead on here.

as momma told me a blind squirrel finds a acorn once in a while

tariffs and trade wars are lets all say together,bad despite what out beloved president says,




We import far more than we export.


Yea, you are right about us, thats why we got behind Trump in his tax increases… oh… wait…


I wonder which will be greater - the income tax savings, or the increased cost of goods due to taxation by tariffs? Time will tell. The net effect on disposable income will be the best measure of where people actually are in the long run.


Okay, then why did you get behind Trump and these tax increases on Americans and American businesses?


Seeing as how we have been down this road before, we already know it is the increased cost of goods. And more than that, it will be coupled with a substantial loss of jobs across a whole slew of industries.




Yeah, that’s kind of what I was getting at.

Although, I guess - looking at it from a different perspective, you have to have income to have income tax due. So, I guess that presents another way to save on income tax. Though, quite honestly, I don’t find that a good alternative …:rofl:



Perhaps that is what they are going with here? :joy:


We need a new trade deal. The current ones are not working for us and costing us far more in our manufacturing base than any increase in cost of imported goods. Manufacturing incomes are a lot better than the incomes of bugger flippers.


Okay. So a new trade deal would require negotiations to achieve said trade deal. How does supporting an increase in taxation on Americans and American businesses achieve a negotiated trade deal?


Leave it at " tariffs " and stop trying to push hype. Applying tariffs will work to force new trade deals with those countries that have been shafting us. Better than we currently have. Dwindling manufacturing, lower wages, higher cost of goods (due to THEIR tariffs and cost of goods caps they have our goods)


I’m thinking they should require at least one year of economics in order to receive a high school diploma.

Then again, at the high school level, you usually don’t have the mathematical skills to really appreciate the beauty of economics until your senior year when you get introduced to calculus.


Tariff is just a fancy word for tax. And tax is exactly what it is. It is not hype to call it by its correct and proper term.

When has applying a tax on imported goods resulted in a new trade deal before? And are you really concerned about dwindling manufacturing and lower wages? What about jobs? Because history has proven time and time again that trade wars and tariffs slapped on whole industries like steel and aluminum will actually result in substantial declines in jobs across a slew of manufacturing industries. It seems like you are okay with dwindling manufacturing and net job losses, if it means a better trade deal as a result.


That’s irrelevant to my comment. You’re going around chest beating about how important our imports are to other countries as if $1 trillion in exports is not critical to our economy.


Can you give an example?


Found this little video on YouTube that explains things better than i can. Pretty much a eye opener.


Self explanatory.