Mark Levin Blasts Trump Taxation (Tariffs) of American Public

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Tariffs are taxes imposed by our government on the American people. We’re not taxing foreign countries – we’re taxing Americans for buying foreign goods. These tariffs are crony capitalism because it benefits certain businesses. The vast majority of businesses don’t benefit from this subsidy taxation (tariffs). It’s the government that benefits from these tariffs, not the people. We still have plenty of steel and aluminum in the US and if we we’re ever under attack, we’d do what we did in WWII and have our American assembly lines produce weapons. We don’t need to buy steel from Canada for a strong national defense. Then, should we have an international minimum wage? Should we compel other countries to pay their workers more wages because they earn less than ours do? The bottom line is that products and services are imported to the US because we want and need them and American products and services are exported because we don’t want or need them and other countries do.

On Monday’s show, Levin blasts Trump for his decision to implement taxes (tariffs) on American consumers and businesses. He explains in great detail how horrible the idea is, and how it is a punishment on the American people.

For all of you who are in favor of Trump’s decision to tax American consumers and businesses via tariffs, what say you here? Is Levin just part of the “deep state” looking to take out Trump? Or is Levin right, and all that Trump is doing with these tariffs is engaging in “crony capitalism” as a means to pick winners and losers, the latter of which are American consumers and businesses.


Thoughts? Levin will be marginalized like Glenn Beck for ever questioning dear leader.

It’s a conundrum though. There is a thread here asking for people to vote Levin for the Radio Hall of Fame. He and our host are very close. Do they side with Hannity or do they side with Trump? :thinking:

No conundrum at all. They will ALWAYS side with Trump, regardless of what is really going on. They’re completely invested and will see this through to the bitter end.

You’re probably right. But it is awfully quiet in here. :wink:

I continue to watch this with total amazement.

Conservatives becoming anti-free trade, I never could’ve predicted that.

Levin has not in this regard. But yes, the Trump cult certainly has. And no way anyone could have predicted this one.

Nah - they’ll work themselves into some mental gymnastics and convince themselves that Levin actually agrees with Trump.

He used I Pencil to demonstrate how trade works. Kudos to Levin.

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I despise Levin with every fabric, but he’s on point. I expect Megadon and the Trumpicons will figure out a way to twist this or just come out disparage Levin. These 45 conservatives are strange people. Conservatives cozening up to Russians, Putin and Trump’s bromance, a world of alternative Facts, dogs and cats living together…Mass hysteria!!! LOL!


It is interesting how quiet they seem to be in regards to this thread. :thinking:

It really is a good explanation of how things actually work. Something that those who favor these taxes being applied to Americans by this administration seem not to understand.

As usual, when faced with a dilemma of this nature, they’re waiting for a member of the CEC to give them their talking points. If Rush or Hannity talk about Kevin’s comments on their shows, the Trumpanzees will be here in force.

I bet Rush and Sean don’t touch what Levin had to say with a 10ft pole.

I don’t really like Levin so don’t watch him or listen to him.
Also Hannity has Levin on a lot and Levin is on Fox but their are all flavors of people who have different views.
It is interesting that the Liberals who usually would be against anything Levin say in here defending what he says now.
if you posted something else they would be raging about what a tool he was.

It is a strange time.
I don’t think the Tariffs are a good idea. Its one of the issues i dislike that Trump is doing from what i read.

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Yep and you used the correct term.

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Hell trumpkins try to deflect everything away with “but but the average person gots moar money! They aint thinking of this” theres people in my family that use this non argument to shut down uncomfortable debate, it just infuriates me.

It’s interesting that liberals don’t disregard a point merely because it comes from someone with whom we generally disagree. What do you do?

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■■■■■■■■, many Liberals here have disagreed just because who said it or where it is coming from. big example is Trump he has done things that Liberals should approve of but because it is Trump they don’t like it.
Both Sides do it.

I hate levin.

I agree with him here.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?