Mark Levin Blasts Trump Taxation (Tariffs) of American Public


Now you’re in the opposite lane. Focus.


I’m not sure any liberals are defending what Levin has said here. Although, there are liberals like Elizabeth Warren who are siding with Trump on increased taxation (tariffs) being applied to Americans.

Agreed on both counts.


Obviously, Levin is just a bitter lib.


Trump Tariffs!!! Another reason I am no longer a Republican and will vote for a Democrat for Senator this coming November.


Trump is negotiating. Duh people don’t get it.


Some people are permanently Duh!

Mark Levin should stick to his expertise.


Well, Levin does have a PhD.


His expertise being a conservative? Being opposed to taxation of American consumers and businesses? Seems to me that is exactly what he is doing here.


The thing about Levin is that he will side with Trump when he thinks Trump is right, and he will oppose what Trump is doing if he thinks trump is wrong.

Levin is right in pointing out that tariff wars hurt the consumer.

I think Levin is discounting the possibility that Trump is using tariffs to get other countries to end their tariffs on our products. Anti-Trumpers and Never-Trumpers seem to have no interest in giving coverage to Trump’s point that other countries DO have such tariffs on us. Instead they just play up a potential tariff war because of Trump. While Levin is hardly a never- or anti-Trumper, he is still playing into the hands of those who are.

I, too, fear a tariff war. But that’s not all I see as the possible outcomes here. Trump has surprised us with the results of his loose-cannon diplomacy – most recently in jerking Kim Jung Un around to get him to show up at Singapore.

Do you really think people will abandon Levin because he’s disagreeing with Trump on this issue? Seriously?

To me, the default of claiming that “they will ALWAYS…” do this-thing or that-thing is just another example of unhinged libbery. It’s far too common on this board.


You need to speak with conan, peek-a-boo, ishmael, piper, …just to name a few.


I do?

Maybe YOU need to speak with them. I’m not the unhinged lib here.

Sounds like they have gotten under your skin.


It’s “bitter” now. Bitter libs.


I’m just trying to support your commitment to stamp out unhinged behavior. You’ll thank me later.


They abandoned Beck.


Who are “they”?


i think our mature president will now (or eventually) Twitter trash Levin.


Are those the only two choices?


Digging the new avatar!! :+1:


Feel free to expand and add others. I was giving the first option with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. As I am in the latter camp


This is why i don’t spend much time here anymore…even when libs and cons ■■■■■■■ AGREE on an issue, some peeps gotta argue over why they are wrong in agreeing with them.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Your two choices:

While Levin opposes Trump on this issue, he’s hardly “deep state”. Nor is he looking to take Trump out. In fact, I would argue that “taking Trump out” is the last thing he wants.

So another choice would be that Levin is opposed to THIS initiative, and his opposition to it is on his opinion of the tariffs, not on his opposition to Trump.

The tariffs MIGHT be Trump’s attempt to pick winners and losers. Note, though, that Trump has made plenty of tweets and statements about using these tariffs as leverage to get other countries to end their tariffs on us.

So another choice would be that Trump is playing geo-political chess with other nations. And that in the game of who-needs-whom more, Trump is convinced that any other country needs us more than we need them.

And another choice would be that Trump truly believes we’re better off isolating ourselves and should become self-sufficient rather than importing so much. (If Trump believes this, I would disagree. But the question you asked is what other choices there should be.)

Another choice is that Trump sees a way to increase federal revenue through tariff collection.

The point in my question to you is that your two choices – whether tongue-in-cheek or serious – are both deliberately loaded positions. How can we expect rational discussion when a thread is premised as you did?