Mark Levin Blasts Trump Taxation (Tariffs) of American Public


I guess we will just all leave the rules of posting threads to you and the thread police from here on out.

Or, better yet, if you don’t desire to participate in my threads because they disallow rational discussion or break your thread police rules, my feelings won’t be hurt.


Guvnah said that, but he also responded quite thoroughly to your question. Why not address his response?


Damn, you seem butthurt.

I answered your question directly and plainly. If you didn’t want the answer, why did you ask it?


Primarily because this is his schtick with me. To chastise me (and others) for not meeting some lofty sense of requirement that he has voluntarily, and at times arbitrarily, decided to dictate to the boards. He does this while occasionally mixing in some jab about how I’m also a liberal or siding with liberals or some other such nonsense. It’s been ongoing for years now.


Because as usual, in addition to answering the question, you had to throw in your typical holier-than-thou condescending retort as a capper. You’re unpleasant to interact with. And I don’t really feel some strong desire to interact with someone who acts like that. It’s not butt-hurt, it’s just honesty.


Just by asking if there were only two choices?

Rather than suggesting that I not interact with you, perhaps you’d be wise to ignore me. Yet you don’t.


You seem butthurt.


I don’t believe you’re this obtuse. The unpleasantness is the condescending attitude. The accusation that my thread is incapable of maintaining rational discussion due to my two choices offered, which as I explained was part tongue-in-cheek and part my own personal position.

You didn’t have to attack my choices, especially after they were explained. Yet you did. Why? Because you’re condescending and unpleasant. Pretty simple stuff here. And I’ll reply to whomever I do desire, thank you very much.


During the campaign, Mark Levin was almost as rabidly against Trump as Beck was. His marginalization already happened.

He’s rude anyhow.



Yet I did. Welcome to the internet.

PS: I find your blind Trump hating unpleasant. I’ll continue to point out that hatred. You should be used to it by now.


Except your accusation of me hating Trump is untrue. I don’t hate the man. I’ve never met the man. In fact there is not a person I can th think that I hate. But I am sure you’ll continue with the condescending and unpleasant holier-than-thou routine you’re known for around here regardless.

Quick, there is someone breathing Guvnah’s forum rules. Go get em champ!


nailed it.


Breaking. Ugh. Edit.


Oh well. Your words say otherwise. Maybe not about the MAN himself (which I didn’t say anyway.) But even your opening choice #2, which you have clearly labeled your opinion, is an example of you seeing the worst in Trump.

Now tell me who is being unpleasant. Or maybe your excuse is that I MADE you say those things…


I fully admit that I do often see the worst in Trump. I see a society that is morally decaying around me. And I see Trump as a living embodiment of the seven deadly sins. A figurehead of this moral decline. A man whose every decision is designed to benefit him and what is in his own interest. Never what is altruistically in the nation’s best interest. Sure, sometimes the two happen to coincide. But that’s never why they’re done. You obviously feel differently.

I own what I’ve said. That hardly makes you somehow not unpleasant though.


And I point that out from time to time. Shrug.

I think you find being disagreed with to be unpleasant. When you run with the blind hatred for Trump that you carry, you’re going to say a lot of disagreeable stuff.

I pointed out your unpleasantries to show that this is a two-way street. I’m certainly not pointing them out to ask you to change. Just don’t expect compassion for your hurt feelings when you are a practitioner of the same.


That’s not the issue. But okay.

Nah. Plenty disagree with me here all the time. That doesn’t bother me.

Again with the false accusation of “blind hatred for Trump?” :rofl:

You really seem to be projecting here now. Interesting.

It’s your unpleasantries.

Don’t expect compassion for hurt feelings.

Hey, it’s a two way street.

You do it too.

Yep, all the above sounds like projection to me. Okay, okay. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings champ. You’re the most pleasant poster here. Thanks for being you! :wink:


Now see this is what Trump should be pushing:

No Tariffs across all countries trade.
Instead we get him Applying Tariffs, now if he is applying Tariffs to get countries to think about the NO Tariffs That would be good.


Which is a great step and something to consider. But the reality is that it is way more than just tariffs. Subsidies of industries by these nations have an equal, if not at times greater, impact overall in trade.

But yes, I’m all for eliminating tariffs. Let’s do that!!


Levin is not wrong. However, explain how we compete with countries who do.