Man takes knee during national anthem at Donald Trump's White House ceremony


Good for him! Probably the only real American patriot at that political publicity stunt staged by our man-child president.

So Sara “the liar” Sanders claim what the Eagles did was play politics?

The Eagles are a sports team. The president is the head of the political party known as the Republicans. He is the one playing politics with his anthem war on NFL players.

How came any sane and rational American not see the lies and insanity emanating from this president and his administration?


Hmmm. A President of the USA being insane and lying because he supports standing during the national anthem?
Impeachable or 25th amendment?

Just more projection tactics. “I’m not crooked, she’s crooked!” “I’m not a liar, he’s a liar!” “My hands aren’t small, he’s little!” “I’m not using the military and the anthem to play politics, they are!”

I never said his supporting standing for the National Anthem at an NFL Football Game made him either a liar or to be insane.

But thanks for proving the part I mentioned about “sane and rational” Americans.

So sorry for your failure to meet the standard.


the man who knelt is a Great American


and the dum dums lap it up, Republicans in Congress stay silent, and the band plays on…

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I am afraid the band is the Fire Boys being led by Neo-Nero.

No, that’s ok. I don’t get hysterical over everything Trump does. Didn’t under Obama either.
Mirror, much?

he looks like he has a great belly.

He knelt for all of us.

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Not as big as Donald.

Yes. He represented you to a T.

Which is what specifically?

Donald has the best belly, the greatest, probably one of the best in the history of ever.


So somewhere lost in the crowd a LIB activist takes a knee and LW media scours the crowd to single out that idiot in order to make him the center of attention.

I’m sick to my stomach of LIB crap like this as are most patriotic Americans. If this lunacy continues, I predict the so called blue wave will be yet another miserable failure for DEMs. They simply have no clue about the real America that elected Trump.

Clueless. :roll_eyes:

We just know it’s a horrible sickness.

No, Peek, most Americans are quite aware of Trump’s ilk. You know, people who engage in rampant waste, fraud, and abuse; pedophiles; thin-skinned fragile ego types; criminals under indictment; big gov lovers; etc.


Snorlax was probably kneeling because he was too fat to stand for so long.

He’ll get lots of attention today by news sources when his identity is revealed.