Lying Libs and the Liars that Lead Them…

It would be easier to list what you guys didn’t riot about. That is the only form of political expression you seem to know. Leftist riots didn’t begin in 2021, it’s just that in 2021 Libs leaders started to encourage and aid them.


SOME of the cops were guilty and should be, and were, held accountable. MOST of the incidents were the fault of the perpetrator. In any event, most of the riots were used as nothing more than excuses to loot and burn. Here’s are some questions: what does burning and looting the business of an innocent person have to do with civil rights? How does that further the cause? How does that do ANYTHING other than reinforce the negative stereotypes about minorities you believe every white Republican has? Would you be so dismissive of the loss many innocent business owners suffered if it had been your business destroyed by supposed protestors?

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Systemic racism


The dems cheated? How so?


It’s called a riot for a reason. They weren’t over imagined slights. Not sure how my post came off as dismissive. Was it the Floyd question or whether the cop was going to jail over imagination?

With whom are you actually arguing.

George Floyd…

Wait system racism is a lie?

Cops who do what Chauvin did should go to prison for a long time, and he did. As I said, SOME cops commit crimes, but most do not. I don’t believe most cops go out on their shift looking for an excuse to kill minorities. Also, the left never takes into account the actions of the suspect that lead to a deadly encounter.

Here’s a thought: If you are stopped by police, COOPERATE! In the recent case of the female officer who mistook her gun for a taser, it’s true the young man might still be alive if she hadn’t made that mistake, but it’s equally true that that man tried to drive off when officers opened his door and ordered him to get out, which put the lives of those officers and others at risk. He would also be alive if he had simply cooperated.

Whether anyone likes it or not, the police are the authority. The law is pretty clear that citizens are obligated to obey lawfully given commands. If officers abuse their power, take it to the courts. DON’T resist and try to harm them, that’s just stupid.

You are dismissive because you don’t answer questions that do not fit your narrative. There is NO excuse for burning and looting businesses of innocent people in the name of BLM or antifa.

You are dismissive because you don’t apply equal standards of behavior and justice to minorities and whites.

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The system didn’t kill him, which is why those who did are in jail.

Fox News is all you can come up with. :roll_eyes: Versus ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. etc., etc! The majority of the media in this country are corrupt leftist propaganda machines for Democrats and harbor visceral hatred for President Trump and anybody who voted for him which is about half the eligible and legal electorate.

Leftists, MSM and the Democrat Party are in constant insurrection collusion with the Democrat Party as they all say the same damned talking points every day from the Press Secretary’s mouth to every leftist media mouthpiece and anchor in MSM.


Hands up don’t shoot!


Of course it is. Where is Chauvin?


Last summer?

The lyingist lying liars of the lying west.

Honestly everyone is deceiving themselves in effort to get power.

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Truer words were never spoken. This applies to government too, not just individuals. That’s why the smaller the government the better.


That doesn’t say there was obstruction. “Actions capable of obstruction” are not ipso facto obstruction. Driving a car is an action capable of causing injury. But very few acts of driving cause injury.

So now I’ve got to experience first hand the results of one of the biggest lies they’ve put out and keep insisting is true. I was just confirmed yesterday as having Covid. Yes, I’m fully vaccinated!! What’s even worse is that my wife had surgery a week ago, and the ONLY place we’ve been other than the hospital since then is her first physical therapy session 2 days later. She didn’t spend the night. I got Covid despite these two places taking the most stringent precautions. Makes me almost think that Covid is actually airborne and can’t be contained with masks and distance, or prevented by the current “vaccinations” that big pharma has produced. But NO, Unca Joe and our benevolent big brother would NEVER politicize and lie about something like Covid just to gain control of the people- WOULD THEY??


NPR released a story that Sotomayor requested that he wear a mask because she has diabetes and considers herself at risk for Covid, but that he refused her request. Roberts had even requested that he wear the mask,
Today, the Supreme Court and everyone involved in the alleged incident said everything about it was 100% false. NPR has yet to issue a retraction or explanation.

Surely NPR will be banned from Twitter and Facebook for misinformation. Right? Right? ….Right??

Disputed NPR report claimed Gorsuch refused to wear mask despite plea from Sotomayor: ‘100% false’

Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at


Is that really what “everyone involved” said? Your article indicates that anonymous Supreme Court sources and one Gorsuch clerk have disputed the story, a far cry from “everyone involved.” From the article:

Supreme Court sources and a law clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch have both disputed a viral NPR report

“I am told that is not accurate,” Bream said of NPR’s version of events

“A source at the Supreme Court says there have been no blanket admonition or request from Chief Justice Roberts that the other justices begin wearing masks to arguments,” Bream continued. “The source further stated Justice Sotomayor did not make any such request to Justice Gorsuch. I’m told, given that fact, there was also no refusal by Justice Gorsuch.”

A real suicide-by-fentyl thug.

Notice they are admitting paper and cloth masks do almost nothing. Now it’s E-95 to be a good complaint citizen… Obey!!