Lying Libs and the Liars that Lead Them…

We’re a year into the presidency of Joe Biden and his toady, and so far we haven’t heard one thing come out of their mouths that is remotely true. The American people are seeing the results of voting for someone who based his entire campaign on lies, and now Democrats are in denial as they pretend to not understand why those lies have failed to materialize into any laws that further their America destroying agenda. So far they’ve had to settle for the unconstitutional executive orders that routinely come out of the White House by Democrats who know full well that the mandates they claim propelled them into office are such BS that they can’t even get their agenda of lies through the House and Senate, even though they control both.

This is precisely why they’re laser focused on an unconstitutional federal takeover over elections. In one of their most egregious lies, they claim Republicans engage in voter suppression, said suppression consisting of nothing more than states enforcing their existing laws requiring voters to verify their identity, which is used to confirm a persons legal right to vote and limit the casting of ballots to one per entitled resident. You would think America loving Libs would be all in favor of “one person- one vote”, but sadly for them, such a system would have disastrous results in elections, so they must collectively feign a narrative that somebody, somewhere, ( solely meaning minorities) could possibly not be able to vote if they had to produce a document proving their legal right to do so. So far, no one in the entirety of Libdom has produced an example of such a person, but we mustn’t speak the truth which might deter the little lemmings from following their beloved leaders, even to their own political destruction, which will begin in November of this year.

This focus wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that other world leaders recognize the feckless incompetence of our current regime. If only they would behave as Lib delusion believes they do, with the betterment of humanity in mind, we wouldn’t have to worry about all the problems that have been magnified since Joe was installed into power. Never fear though, Joe will fix everything, right after his afternoon nap.


It’ll all come crashing down around them.

unfortunately that wont happen. it should! but the entire corrupt system supports itself

only a “bulldozer” would create some cracks. but they just morph into a bigger more corrupt leviathan in response

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Some people like being lied to.

They feed on it.

They need it.


And speaking of lies, how come Covid is still around and killing people? I distinctly remember that on the campaign trail, Lyin’ Joe vowed that he would “STOP THE VIRUS DEAD IN ITS TRACKS”! He repeated this vow many times AND said he would do so without lockdowns and mandates, all while rebuilding the economy! How’s Super Joe doing for ya Libs? If you guys heard nothing else he said, again, on the campaign trail, Ole Joe wanted to make sure America knew that any president that presided over 228,000 deaths SHOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT! (emphasis his) Yet there he is, at over 800,00 deaths, still doddering around and holding title of POTUS.

Speaking of deaths, what happened exactly to that daily death count the media so solemnly provided to Americans every day till about Jan 21st 2021? Are you Libs no longer interested in knowing precisely the number of Americans that are dying daily as a result of the inept handling of the crisis by the guy in the White House? :thinking::thinking: It’s almost as if you finally have accepted that Joe has done exactly diddly squat in alleviating the toll the virus has taken on America. In fact, in a singular moment of lucid candor, Joe recently fessed up and admitted that the federal government can’t stop a virus!

Can we expect you Libs to demand that grim reaper Joe resign due to his failure to prevent so many deaths?

Now it’s my turn to laugh at that notion…


How bout the bipartisan infrastructure deal or doesn’t that count?



You should try to be original, at least.

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C’mon guys… you are pulling our leg now.


When they can’t lie, they change the meaning of words so that what sounds like a bizarre and obviously false statement is accepted by their willing believers . Example “Men can give birth to babies”. It’s so bizarre you can hardly call it a lie . It’s like fantasy. But in their minds, the fantasy is true because they changed the definition of “men”.

They lie in so many ways. And their willing followers bring the lies here. Like in a thread today a prog said that a Koch study showed Medicare for All was cheaper than what we have. I had to research that and found that Bernie Sanders said the Koch study showed it was cheaper. The author of the published study said Sanders was distorting the truth.

They are all liars .


Accusing the left of lying after the previous four years…the comparison is comical.


you win the Gaslight award for the day :confetti_ball:


Feel free to reference any posts of mine that talk about “PEE TAPES”.

That Trump welcomed assistance from Russia in the 2016 election is not in dispute.

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If only we had a couple of exhaustive reports from a special prosecutor and the Senate Intelligence Commitee that outlined the involvement of Russian Intelligence in the 2016 election and how the Trump campaign welcomed those efforts even going so far as to showing how the head of the campaign passed off inside information directly to Russian intelligence.

If only those things existed.

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And it is wild that people just hand wave it away.

theres nothing wrong with that as far as info on their opponent

" Pull the fire alarm and make all the observers leave, so they don’t see the box of fraudulent votes under the table we’re going to tally"…

“It’s not who votes, it who counts the votes…”

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No, I give credit where it’s due here. Franken’s an idiot, but I did appreciate his book title.

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Hmm, I wonder why Trump obstructed the investigation at every turn, then?

How very very very very true

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Lets see how that works out. If something positive related to infrastructure actually gets done as a result, as opposed to padding politicians pockets, I’ll admit it.

Lets hold our breath waiting, shall we?

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