Lying Libs and the Liars that Lead Them…

You are correct. I did overstate the case. It was unnamed sources and one law clerk.

Still, the ball is in NPR’s court to prove what they said, as unnamed supreme court sources and one law clerk beats:

"Totenberg cited “court sources” to report Sotomayor herself expressed she “did not feel safe in close proximity to people who were unmasked” before Roberts made the decision. "

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Guy on his neck probably didn’t help. Probably.

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We must wear a slightly thicker mask!!!


“Obey” is the cry of the left… What happened to “resist”, lol!

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Calm down.

It’s a recommendation

Let me get this right. Three-of-a-kind beats two-pair; a flush beats a straight; and an “unnamed court source and one law clerk” beats “cited court sources”?


Add to that…he who asserts must prove.

And “ cited” in this case does not mean named.

And when it’s changed again to everyone must wear a plastic bag over their heads, I’m betting a lot of Libs will comply.


Yes, agreed.

Gorsuch and Sotomayer have issued a joint statement that the NPR story is false. Apparently the NPR reporter doesn’t want to,accept their denial.

NPR reporter fumes over Supreme Court statement refuting outlet’s story, implies Gorsuch and Sotomayor lied

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…and now one must ask, how many other stories were false? Why are they on the public’s bill?


It was a dumb thing to report on in the first place and Gura should immediately put in a retraction and an apology.

He is being an absolute idiot.


Refusing to admit mistakes and issue retractions is not the sign of a good journalist.


Leftists falsely impeached a sitting president based on nothing more than hearsay and this raises concerns about unnamed sources??

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Nina Tottenberg…one of the reasons I stopped listening to NastyPeopleRadio


I never thought “cited” meant named.

You’ve got unnamed sources vs. unnamed sources.

Well, Beam was named, so not entirely. But that was then, anyway. Catch up.

Who’s Beam?

I had the clerks name confused with Bream, a legal reporter. Didn’t bother to check it because it is no longer important. Roberts, Gorsuch and Sotomayer have all chimed in since then to say NPR was wrong.


Dumb, yes. But it pushed that narrative that those evil Republicans will not do the littlest thing like wear a mask, so those poor, poor vaccinated libs have to take drastic measures to protect themselves.

It was reported on for a reason.