Lyin' Don the Con has rethought the Putin presser- and he would like you to ignore your own ears


I love the “only history will know if he’s a moron” aspect of that defense.


You know, for the longest time I thought it was silly to think that he could be subject to intense blackmail from Putin’s regime. That there was a lot of shady things that likely happened, and he was more concerned with people prodding his finances, because we all know the shady world of New York real estate. And that he just wanted to keep the money rolling in from Russian sources to finance his projects, since banks had largely written him off.

But anymore, I can’t believe that is all this is. I would be more surprised now to learn that Putin did NOT have something on him. It is just too surreal at this point.


So what you are saying that Eric didn’t fall far from the tree?


I think his massive ego is part of the problem here. Acknowledging Russia interfered in the election doesn’t mean Trump won because of that, but his refusal to admit anything may be due to his thinking it makes his election illegitimate.

It’s like his insistence that he had a bigger crowd than Obama for his inaguration, and he was the first Republican since Eisenhower to win Wisconsin, and that he won a huge victory over Hillary, when in fact it was about 100,000 votes in swing states that gave him the EC, and he lost the popular vote.

He continues to cling to things that are false and so easily disproven. It’s yet another big character flaw that we see displayed time after time.


I am reading the crossed out sentence and it doesn’t say what your quote says. It says “Anyone involved in that meddling to justice”.



Donald prefers Americans that didn’t die…


Good for you my friend. Family time is always a blessing!

I know when I first spent time with my daughters’ serious boyfriend, now husband, I was quite relieved to learn what a good man he was. It really takes a weight off of the old shoulders, doesn’t it! And he was a good golfer, which was a plus in my book.

And yes, it is a tragedy and a travesty, what is being done to the most sober and important position in the world. I wonder if the office can ever really recover when it is all said and done? At least in our lifetime.


And yet, the base puts up with it. Justifying it with any number of reasons. Still talking about Hillary, when the next in line to succession is Pence. Not Hillary.


They really need to do something about the tariffs, and do it yesterday. It’s really starting to hurt people now.

On another note, someone just tweeted Trump has an interview with Tucker Carlson tonight. I don’t get Fox but will know what has been said by my Twitter feed.

Should be fun. Will he walk everything back again?


I agree that our President betrayed us. But there is no comparison to what led to the beginning of our involvement in WWII (and yes, I know there is a wide debate to be had around this statement - I’m speaking for the sake of brevity.)

It is not an apt comparison at all, and does a disservice to the very real condemnation that should be shown to Trump for his words and actions.


Yep, if Trump quit or was impeached tomorrow Pence would be POTUS. Hillary never will be. Seems pointless to keep bringing her up, but some still do.


Oh wait, tomorrow he will have a different dialogue.

Personally, trump was WAAAAY over his head in the meeting with Putin. Putin is sneaky and trump is an idiot.


I know you did brother. But then said you can understand why some are making the comparison. That was the part I was replying to. I cannot see the comparison personally. At least, that is how I took your post. If I misread or misunderstood, my apologies.


Maybe Trump is just playing eleven dimensional chess and we all just have no idea whats going on.


I completely agree, and it does a terrible disservice to the actual vicitms of Pearl Harbor, the Nazis, etc.

It’s just as crazy as the hard core Trumpists who defend everything he says and does.

There are extremes on both sides unfortunately.


Eric Trump fidget spinner. Keeps inadvertently telling the truth


The Senator is probably correct, although his timing may be off. Trump could be siding with Putin by the time he gives his interview to Tucker in a few hours.


I really want to believe this is all there is to it. And what you say is of course all true as well. That he is just an enormous egomaniac, and therefore his delicate flower emotions prevent him from acknowledging not being the absolute best that ever lived, or being shown as worse than others. And it is a massive character flaw.

But I think all of this has risen beyond that at this point. Anymore I have to believe that there is something more nefarious at play here. I hope I am wrong my friend. Truly I do.


Yes it is. And these things take time to reverse also. And it does not look like Trump will stop voluntarily either. So it is on Congress at this point, or else there will be serious economic ramifications for us all.

I think he filmed Tucker last night after he filmed Hannity. That is what I thought I read earlier, but could be mistaken. So it will be interesting to see either way. Especially if he did record it last night, and the recording has him standing firm on his position from yesterday. :flushed: