Lyin' Don the Con has rethought the Putin presser- and he would like you to ignore your own ears

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UPDATE: Trump says Russia actions had no impact on outcome of elections, accepts U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddling took place.
In addition : Trump says he meant to say in Helsinki that he saw no reason why it would not be Russia that interfered in elections.

Is it dementia, or just damage control? He is so much braver now that he and Putin are on 2 different continents.

Hahaha, the man is such a coward.

Fake news. Buttery males. Where’s the server.

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There’s only a certain level of bad press he can take.

He’s just pathetic… Amazingly pathetic.

Putin must be laughing his ass off right now.

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"I’ve said this many times,” Trump said. “I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place. Could be other people also. A lot of people out there.”

Always hedging

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Trump says he meant to say in Helsinki that he saw no reason why it would not be Russia that interfered in elections.

Is anyone buying this? Doesn’t it seem just a little cowardly, now that he’s thousands of miles away from Putin?

Yes, and they will be here at some point to say things or change the topic or whatever the CEC has decided is the best course of action to justify what Trump said.

you already know exactly what is going to happen: his supporters will buy it because they trust him more then they trust the lying media who broadcast his words. Republican will privately say he is an idiot but will refuse to do anything in public for fear , everyone else will have the same reaction that Lebron had

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Good. Trump has done as he should have done after this embarrassing mess up. It sort of reminds me of the time President Ford insisted that Poland was independent of the then Soviet Union. A stupid statement, taken back, that did not affect policy.
I do not blame Democrats for trying to make much of this presser. A presser, however, is not implemented policy. A stupid statement is not Treason.
As usual, Democrats went way to far with this. It is a speech, not a sell out to Russia. There really is a difference.

right on schedule @margaretms2 :arrow_up:


this man is covered in his own ■■■■ right now. what a disaster he is.

it’ll be fun to see how the Trumpublicans change their tune today and deny every believing Putin.

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I applaud Donald Trump for doing the right thing following his slightly disappointing meeting with Putin. A strong leader knows how to respond when things don’t go right. They adjust and they learn from their mistakes. The weak are the ones who always win, because they never have an opportunity to improve from their mistakes. Bravo Mr President. Thank you for keeping America great.

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Notice that he didn’t backtrack on anything else like that he thinks both countries are at fault for Russia meddling. Only that 1 word.

Ahhh, he meant “wouldn’t”. All good now…

"Sort of a double negative. So, you can put that in, and i think that pretty much clarifies things by itself. "

Yes, Mr President. You made a double negative.

The hell he meant “wouldn’t”.

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President Double Negative


Lol I know…I was being sarcastic! :+1: