Louisiana requires ID and age verification to access adult content online

As of Jan. 1, 2023, people in Louisiana will need to present proof of their age, such as a government-issued ID, to visit and view pornographic websites like Pornhub, YouPorn and Redtube

The choruses of support from conservatives in other states are very concerning. Submitting your ID to view content online creates the scariest registry of all.

The same kind of registry formed every time you purchase something with a credit card? Leaving kids easy access to porn is monstrous. Heaven forbid some pervs be inconvenienced by protecting children.


Just for comparison

Yay government.

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I’m not required by law to pay with a credit card.

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Turning highly sensitive personal information over to porn sites? What could go wrong.

I’m assuming this will be based on IP address location services.

I see a large increase in the use of VPN services from outside LA.


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You have to create an alltrust account which then makes you verify your identity.

This is all totally normal. :joy:

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It could also be based on browser location services like online betting sites which means good luck with vpn.

Browser fingerprinting.

You are not actually turning it over. They are Doric f you to create an all trust account which imo is worse because that’s a full identity verification to look at some more porn…….

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How is that an excuse to leave porn easily accessible to minors?

Yep. That

Sounds like bad fiction if it wasn’t real.

I really hoped this was something that got snuck in by some crazies in one corner of the country. But the law is getting full throated praise all over. The fox link is a mile long with hype for ID gates online. It’s disturbing.

Parents. The term is parental control not government control by acting as a parent.

I am sorry the idea of protecting children from depravity upsets you.


You don’t like it when libs define depravity…. And yet.

Impossible to do in an era where most kids are walking around with smart phones. You can restrict your kids access and devices all you want but the minute he leaves the house all bets are off.

Sounds like a skill issue.

Both sides used to be able to agree porn isn’t suitable for children. Glad I am not on the side who no longer agrees with that.


So what? Parental control….

It is currently illegal to allow minors to access porn. More laws!!! Never really were conservative.

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