Louis Gohmert tests positive for covid19

Those who have tested positive:
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart R FL
Rep. Ben McAdams D UT
Rep. Joe Cunningham D SC
Sen. Rand Paul R KY
Rep. Mike Kelly R PA
Rep. Neal Dunn R FL
Rep. Tom Rice R SC
Rep. Louie Gohmert Jr. R TX

I sure hope the list does not explode.


What is the “PM” he is referring to?

He does an AM and a PM “Playbook” which is a newsletter of current events occurring on the Hill.



That’s literally insane.

Why does anyone vote for these imbeciles?

Wearing a mask after you’re infected Louie is too little too late. If you’re infected you should quarantine.

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“berated for wearing masks”
This is more then insane.
I hope that any and all of our elected representatives that spew this nonsense gets voted out of office.

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Gohmert’s staffers should sue his ass.


Yes, it starts to look like a hostile workplace. Most employers want to protect their employees.

But for Gohmert, politics comes before safety. Wow!!!

I don’t have much empathy for these staffers, to be honest. They knew who he was when they agreed to work for him and take a paycheck from him. It’s sick of Gohmert, but they were not forced to be there either.

This is the effect of top-down leadership.

The TOP (president, VP/head of corona task force):

  • Issued guidance to wear masks at the beginning of April, but didn’t wear one publicly until more than 3 months later
  • Appeared publicly in MASK-REQUIRED locations without a mask
  • Stated directly that people wearing masks are signaling their disapproval of him
  • Didn’t require a mask at rally in state whose governor was “just following the president’s guidelines” (sic)

And now we’re learning that the president’s sycophantic defenders in congress are putting their staffers in harm’s way by forcing them to come to work in some asinine attempt at proving that it’s safe to just pretend everything is normal.

“Who listens to the president” they asked when he took a sharpie to Alabama before a hurricane.


Nice. A laughing emoji. A vile post by you and the people who hearted it.

Excellent post. This nails it. And it cascades down from there as well to the public that are supportive of Trump and his sycophants in the GOP.

The net result? A devastated economy. America being the only developed nation in the world to have not flattened the curve. Americans banned from travelling basically anywhere of significance outside of our own borders. And over 150,000 dead brothers and sisters, while barreling straight over a cliff where we will see over 250,000 dead by the end of the year.

The buck absolutely stops with Trump and Pence on this.

Check out Pence and DeVos just a few minutes ago as well, sans masks.


I guess you didn’t see this post. :rofl:



Can you guess what’s really vile?


And yet he figured out how to make children.

They were just showing the numbers for the children infected in various counties is Florida.
A pretty steady increase this past week. As one expert said the other night, schools can space kids out.
And they can control the water fountains and meal service. They can get PPE and the cleaning agents they need. But she said that she has not heard one person talk about the air handling systems in the schools. And her point was that having children be in a room for hours with re-circulating air could have a really bad outcome.

Jeopardizing the health and well-being of your staffers in order to proverbially suck at the presidential teat?

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It is a very, very fair concern as well. Also, the notion that all children can be contained or controlled within the school is unrealistic. Especially when dealing with children under the age of 8 or 9. K-3rd in particular will be highly problematic.

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I’m wondering what you think of Gohmert creating a work environment that discourages wearing masks at work. Your thoughts on that?