Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


Native woman are more likely to be raped then finish high school.


She could be Meti but that would depend on a few thing, either way this was stupid and just take away force on real native American issues.,


There is zero benefit unless she is register with a recognized band.


Enhhh…we were already well into the period of affirmative action by 1986.


Government doesn’t recognize individual native claims, you need to be part of a band who have their own requirements.


To be honest, do any of us really know what her intentions were, at the time?

Maybe she was depressed with the thought of being just another ordinary white girl bobbing along in the sea of all the other white people, and just another decedent from European ancestors.

Perhaps she was infatuated with the thought oft her family possessing Native American blood? It was obviously easy to convinced herself of something as important as this, without actually knowing if it was true first.

There were rumors in my family, as I grew up, that we may have had Native American blood. As much as I might have liked to, while growing up, I never embraced the anecdotal stories as solid proof, and make public assertions of being a Native American.

To me, it shows a character flaw in Warren, for not putting in the proper time and effort in researching her ancestry before making her ignorant public assertions. If she can willfully lie to herself, and everyone else, I don’t see why I should trust her to ever tell the truth about anything.


I probably wouldn’t but in your scenario I would be 6% Native American. Other things would probably factor in. I don’t think Warren will be the nominee which will make this whole thing a big nothing burder.


My Great Grandmother said I was Austrian Royalty. I never wrote it down on anything. More often than not, old people tell fibs to their descendants.


Why do Democrats not care?


Now that she knows she was lied to, will she denounce them?


Denounce her living relatives for also being misled or naive? OK.

Edit: The above is only from the context of 1986; I think she is a dolt and kept perpetuating a myth when she probably knew better sometime between 1986 and 2018.


I’ll bet you don’t use that standard just willy nilly.


The irony is that belief in and adherence to the “one drop of blood” rule is very racist.


In what way?

The way i see it, Native American people are members of their nation, and it trivializes things when someone can just declare they can claim membership just by reciting family anecdotes about high cheekbones, and suddenly they are praised as a Native American, or of the First People.

Without solid proof, it should be difficult to prove you are a descendant from a Native American tribe or band, since so much of their culture and history has been quite frankly, obliterated. People should be discouraged from the whimsical claims and assertions of being a Native American.


By that criteria, Melania Trump is an Indian. :wink:


Wonder if Democrats would care if Trump tweeted a claim to be Native American and it turned out to be based by a statement by him that some great aunt had told him so once.
Naaaa…they’d just let it go.


Faulty logic. Democrats were lying long before Trump made the scene.


Oh man I can only dream of that day, brings a tear.


On such a personal matter as this…no, I don’t.

Claiming who your ancestors were, is no trivial matter. It’s the same for these liars who knew they never served in combat, claiming stolen valor.

A little research into marriage, baptismal, birth, divorce and death certificates would have all it would have taken. Instead, she easily convinced herself that something was a fact, when she knew for a fact she was not being honest.


So in other words, it doesn’t mater that she is a liar as long as she lies in your behalf. A lot of folks probably voted for Hillary (a world class liar) based on that premise.