Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


She does have some cheekbones! :wink:


Therein lies the problem with politics in America today. You are willing to accept the lowest common denominator as the standard on which you base your vote. Seriously, how did you choose between Hillary and Trump in 2016?


Exactly. I’m 100% white from German, British, and Dutch roots as far as I know. My cousin was raised by my mother and looks just as white as I am but is actually 1/4 Native America (actual and easily verified). Her father who is 1/2 Native American can pass as Native American but my cousin would never be thought of us Native American with her blonde hair, blue eyes,and very European looking features.

We were both raised in the same household, albeit about 10 years apart, by the same mother so neither had an economic advantage or disadvantage. I got a 3.99 GPA (damn that one B my freshman year)in high school while she got a 3.4 GPA. Come college time we both applied to state schools. She was flooded with full ride offers while I received no offers. Everything was the same except our genders and the fact that she was able to check the Native American box on the application since being 1/4 was all she needed.

It matters and it matters a lot.


Two words … “Slick Willy.”


Who is this random someone? I don’t believe that she was ever told this.


So do the Aryans which she has more in common with


I’m just saying that being told you have Native American blood isn’t that uncommon, it would seem. I would question Melania having it though. :slight_smile:


I hope this isn’t becoming a national crisis. One national crisis at a time.

The Native Americans who are offended by this should say something.

I should keep my mouth shut about their business. I wasn’t voting for Warren for anything before I heard about this. This doesn’t change my mind.


Are you suggesting that she made up the story about being told that?


Did her parent’s tell her she has Native American blood. That was the criteria, not the cheekbones.

Nice twist.


Ha, I didn’t even pay attention to that!


You seem to have completely missed the point of my post. It pertained entirely to the cheekbone association with Indian genetics (note the bolded text in the quote of Demon’s post,) not about who said what to whom.


Wait till the day after that day. There will be more tears than you can count.


What you meant was ‘more trusting’ but I know how hard it is for Trump and his supporters to say what they mean. I know they’re trying, just can’t seem to do it.


Regardless of Warren might have thought did she know her parents? How about her grandparents? If so she should have had a pretty good idea if one of them was Native American. If they’re not then she also obviously would know that any such ancestry was slight and not something she should claim. Both of my kids are 1/8 Japanese (both are fair, blonde, and blue eyed) and have never met their great grandmother who is Japanese. You would never guess it looking at my son and with my daughter after being told you might hesitate and say “maybe” as you look at her eye structure but its so slight you would never think it otherwise. Yet in Warren’s world I guess we could mark Asian American on all the boxes.


You underestimate yourself my friend.


But she does have some Native American blood. When did passing that info on become a lie? Between the 2nd and 3rd generations, or between the 6th and 7th?

And don’t twist this into me supporting her claim. As has been discussed, this small dna connection does not make her a member of a tribe. But it doesn’t erase the little blood she has either.


Same accurate conclusion though. Trump lies and Trump Republicans don’t care.


Five words, “I am not a crook.”


If you believe it must be true.