Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


Sure there are, if they are part of a tribe. Warren would know if she were part of a tribe.


You are correct. By 1986, we already had affirmative action in place. There were potential advantages to being an “American Indian”. If there had not been, she likely would not have thought she was.
And if she had said she was an American Indian, it would have just been a silly little thing to have said.


The ability to take situations with multiple possibilities and boil it down to an either/or question often misses the real answer. Sometimes it’s meant to by design. Our host is very skillful in the use of this rhetorical tactic.


This somehow seems appropriate here, lol


A relative from the past was.

I guess the family didn’t do the math when passing down the story.

When should her family quit talking about a native American in the wood… family history.


We’d all end up being republicans?


Back then in 1986 people were more honest than today.

So a lot of people trusted her when she marked that she was
“American Indian”.

Unfortunately for her showing her DNA test to everyone, we found
out that the Average American has more “Native American” in them
than she does.

Just another Lying Liberal Politician, trying to abuse
the system to get ahead in life.


So, You’re still buying it? Have at it.


It was for statistical data only… lmao


I use the vocabulary in the post I’m addressing even if I’m not sure what they meant.
Asking “what is proper vetting” was irrelevant to my post.

But to your point, I don’t disagree. I also don’t know what I don’t know and that is: I follow this stuff daily, from multiple sources, like here; how much Joe Average sees and pays attention to, I have no idea.

Can’t say how much vetting, proper or otherwise, voters saw overall.


Are you saying she has no Native American blood?

Of course not That would be stupid.


Well there you have it. You answered your own question. Using her standards we probably have about 250 million people who can claim they are Indians. So we can’t really give the country back to the Indians, if nearly all of us are Indians. Right?


This is a really informative video that I think anyone who is interested in DNA testing should watch. Family lore often is widely different than what our DNA says.

It also explains how your DNA doesn’t always show a connection - even if there is one, because you don’t inherit all the DNA markers of both parents and they in turn didn’t inherit all the DNA markers from their ancestors.


I said nothing about her claim. I was talking about how a story like this could start. Yes, many families have stories like this. It’s family history (or lore).

No need to be afraid.


I cant believe dude said “well she doesnt look native american” lolol


Thank God! I was about to round up some of my old Marine buddies to build fortifications against the next Indian raid.:man_farmer: lessright maybe you should make lessassumptions? :sunglasses:


I wonder if there is any advantage to identifying as “American Indian” when you are a Texas lawyer? Can they be involved in cases involving Native Americans? IDK. I just don’t see the reason for exaggerating/lying. She’d be admitted if she passed the bar examination.
This is a really bad move.


What are we calling what she has done,? Is it a case of some type of stolen valor, falsely attributing minority status?

Either way, it’s pretty bad when someone guilty of being a plagiarist wins out over someone guilty of stolen valor.


But seriously- if someone told you that your great-great-great grandmother was Native American, would you list that as your nationality on important docs?

I am a Dem through and through, and I want nothing more than to send Trump packing. Whichever candidate we choose to oppose him, he/she can’t have baggage like this.


It’s called cultural misappropriation. Liberals invented it. I would suggest google. It needs to be explained by liberals. I’m not good at psycho babble.