Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


The point was made by politicians and those that continued to elect them…years ago and it’s a shame that it hasn’t…nor will it…change…IMHO.


Like gender, you are what you feel like?


Erg- that looks pretty bad. She was already on thin ice but this should do it. The amusing part is that if this was a conservative candidate they would say

  • We shouldn’t pay attention to what candidates do in the past
  • Who cares? Move on.
  • Its Fake news. Who knows if this document is real.

And so on.


She really thought she was native american i dont see the big story here…




I have never been a fan, so personally I never really saw her as being politically viable, and her handling of this only compounded that…

But, yeah, at some point this just seems to be less of her “lying” and instead really believing something from her family that was a myth,


Why do Republicans care if she lied about being Native American?


I agree she believed what her family told her


Yeah, I don’t see a reason why in 1986 she indicated that for only “statistical purposes” unless she really believed it.


Why would you put that on your information in Texas in the 80’s?

The Republican attack has been that she lied for personal benefit. There’s no benefit here, is there?

What’s it say on her New Jersey one?


At some point she came across a mirror and would have to have realized she was not an American Indian.
All the family myths n the world wouldn’t get me to lie about being African American on work related forms.


It doesn’t. But cultural misappropriation is a mortal sin. She jumped the shark with that one. Too bad so sad.


While i cant see where she gained anything here, i dont support her presidential bid, so if it gets her out of the way, so be it.


I also don’t know how anyone with sense at all would have read that DNA report and thought it helped; so yeah not a fan or impressed with her judgement.


You do know there are fair skin native americans right?


If liberals didn’t constantly push identity politics, this would have never even mattered


There has yet been no denial from her campaign on the document and allegations, I am assuming they are accepting it’s real and will ignore it. She will get hammered relentlessly for this in the debates, even in the Democratic primary.

I can hear the debate question now “Warren you you were reported to sign your race as Native American and have been caught doing it in order to get possible minority advancement in your field, even though your only 1/1024th Native American”.


That plus there still lingers in the air did she do this because she was A. She’s just crazy and think she’s a Cherokee Indian, I mean come on “POW Wow Chow” or B. Tried to get minority status to get in easier to advance her career.

Will never know at this point. And regardless if true or not part B. Will be going through a lot of people’s minds.


She’s not one of them by a long shot, or 1/1024th a long shot that’s bad odds.


Why do you care that she lied about this?