Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American

To be fair, I really don’t care about this at all.

People still struggle to reconcile mentally how there could be conservatives who opted to maintain principle over a short-term victory that has done untold damage to the only party that even gave passing consideration to conservative governance.

It’s been interesting to watch. I feel as if I’m an uncomfortable reminder of what they claimed they used to be, but no longer are.

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Try again. If NF got their “wish”, which was some other R candidate get the nomination…then what I said, would have happened. Have another sip of good coffee. It’s early yet.

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Well that is certainly a roundabout way to logic that one out.

In your opinion, Trump was the only one who could beat Clinton.

In my opinion, he was the only one that could lose the popular vote to her, and barely eek out a narrowest of narrow victories. A handful of Republicans other than Trump would have beaten her both in the popular vote by wide margins AND in the EC quite handily.

So your post still makes no sense in context with my post.

When examining the pieces of the puzzle that we were all given, I saw and still see a different picture that could have happened, had Hillary become POTUS. You don’t, still don’t and more than likely will never see the potential horror that I saw. If you could, you’d celebrate this very moment in time?

So examining the results of the EC, how far back in election history would you have to go to find a win that large over the other candidate?

Some of us realized we didn’t have to put our trust in princes, or a son of man.

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If Hillary Clinton was President, the GOP would still hold the House.

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Celebrate? No. I’m living in objective reality where our norms and traditions are being eviscerated by the day. Where the decorum of the most important office in the land is being sullied and damaged. Where our Institutions that have been the most heralded in all of the world are under siege daily by the likes of people who would place a politician, a single man, above the laws of the land, and those tasked with holding people accountable. Where our division is being driven by this same man, as he seeks to only be the President of a minority base of people that he drives through fear and darkness of propaganda. Where our future is being mortgaged away before our very eyes as the debt and deficit spiral out of control to unimaginable levels that may soon break us.

There is nothing to celebrate.


78,000 votes over three states. That’s the reality. It was the narrowest of narrow victories imaginable.

Yes. And would have likely gained 8-10 Senate seats as opposed to 2 in one of the most favorable election maps in over 65+ years.

That’s what I thought…you’re blinded right now.

This post again makes no sense. What I posted was factual. Do you deny that?

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You have a point. Maybe if she embraced it and added more lies (trivial and significant) she’d win the White House.

But no, she’s done. This will be the major focus of her campaign, regardless of the platform she campaigns on.

Grandpa said I was Cherokee. I wrote it down on a lot of papers when I was younger. I’m probably in trouble if I want to be President.

No, he’s quite correct. Trump got lucky because Clinton dropped the ball in 3 states. I recall election night very well - everyone, including Team Trump, was shocked when Trump managed to eek out a victory in those 3 states and win the election via electoral college.



Other things that are now perfectly ok to do.

Tax returns - don’t need to make them public.

Not divesting from anything that might be a conflict of interest.


Having campaign operatives/government appointees who get convicted of crimes.

Having only Acting heads of agencies. No one will ever need to be confirmed by the Senate again.

Transcripts of one on one meetings with foreign Heads of State’s. Totally won’t be necessary.

Working an average of 2 hours a day.

Shutting down the government when they don’t get their way.

Declaring everything a President wants to do a National Emergency.

I better not hear any Trumplican ever complain about any Democrat doing any of those things ever again.

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Why isn’t accountability for high profile politicians newsworthy?

Elizabeth Warren’s race is most definitely not “American Indian.” And she put it on her BAR application.

I’ve never liked Warren, but the more this stuff comes out, the more I’m convinced that entrenched dinosaur politicians like her need to go extinct from politics.

I think reporting on this is perfectly legitimate. It serves as a lesson to EVERYONE in politics that they will be exposed when they are dishonest. I personally find that to be a perfectly legitimate function of the press.

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Nah, we should just embrace the status quo of lying politicians. It makes it easier for us to justify when our particular politician lies.

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