Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


Is she one of them?


Her pow wo chow was stolen from the NYT.


Why do you care if she lied about this?


So what?

Why do you care if she lied about this?


This Republican doesn’t. I oppose her because of the policies she espouses.

Why do so many other Republicans care? Can’t speak for them, and I’m not sure most do. Look in this thread. It’s the libs falling over themselves to let this destroy her.

But when Republicans DO care about it, I contend it’s just participation in the atmosphere of contrived outrage that permeates our political arena. Far too many people don’t care to choose their candidates based on the political positions they espouse. It’s all based on image and media caricature. Destroy your enemy. Politics of personal destruction. Smear the other guy. We’ve already resorted to scouring yearbooks (even high school yearbooks) for dirt. And we’ve seen non-political personalities having to respond to social media posts they made when they were as young as 15. This is what we’ve devolved to, and in spite of how you focused on Republican participation in this tactic, it comes from across the board.


My mother told me the exact same thing Warren’s mom did. She told me there was Native American in my background (and I think there was one, but only one that I’ve found) and that explained my cheekbones. Weird that it doesn’t seem that uncommon to be told that.


I care because somewhere out there could have been a minority that didn’t get in because of Warrens actions. I suggest you watch the tragic comedy - Soul-man but in Warrens case will call it Spirit-Woman.

A show about a cis white gender fluid man who goes full black face to get into cough Harvard. Warren undoubtedly studied this movie methodically. Or she’s just crazy like Rachael Dolezol.

Either way it hurts her and it doesn’t matter what I think her opposition is sharpening their knives.


A lib didn’t start this thread, nor was the first reply from a lib.

There are many Trump fans posting in this thread.


The new protocol will be to get an injunction against Granny to stop her from spreading family beliefs until the entire family has been DNA’d.

Granny info will be banned from use on employment applications.


I understand completely. It’s okay Donald lies all the time but it’s not ok for a Dem to lie.

I am not going to care anymore about any Democrat lying about anything because Trump Republicans don’t care that Donald lies all the time.


What we all needed was a real closer of a candidate who could get the job done.

Like gary johnson.

Seriously though in my 12 years here, from the resident “libertarians”, I’ve seen barely a negative word about obama, and barely a positive word about bush or trump.

Some people may not be actors, but they sure do play them on this board.


:roll_eyes: Yeah, that’ll make things all better.


You’re conceding that had Trump been properly vetted, Hillary would be president.



I’d still consider voting for her though if I feel like she represents my side of the issues more adequately than the other candidates in the race though; this silliness aside.


I don’t care if it doesn’t make things better. I only care now that the side I like gets elected, even if they are liars. I see no reason why I should hold Democratic pols to a higher standard than Republicans hold their elected pols to.


You are what you’re told.

You didn’t know you were a boy until you were told. Absent conflicting info, you ran with it.


Let’s take that a little further, shall we?

“If the opposing party doesn’t care if their politicians are racist, I don’t care if my politicians are racist.”

“If the opposing party doesn’t care if their politicians sexually assault women, I don’t care if my politicians sexually assault women.”

Etc…See a problem here?


I don’t get this “properly vetted” argument.

All the garbage in Trump’s life was out there during the elections. It was enough to get me to vote 3rd party in the general election (and to vote for Cruz in the primaries.)


Don’t believe your own family “myths” eh? Must be a small circle of trust.

Just because you can identify race on sight, other’s might not be so gifted.

You should look at more Native Americans. Forget color tones if you can.


Not any more.