Locked out ip address


Well, that sucks.

I would be taking it personally, if I were you.


It’s like 50/50 or so. I just hit forgot password and create a new one., takes about 30 seconds.

I know that may seem like eternity for some…specially for really old people where every second counts. :sunglasses:


Now I am getting a Captcha check on login.


What the heck is that?


The prove you are not a Robot thing.


Maybe you need to vary the time between key strokes. :wink:


I have no clue if you are being serious, but my typing is quite rapid…



Try a different browser that did the trick for me and I have not changed my password once




So is a robot’s. :wink:


Hope it helps honestly


When I first encountered this, I thought I was banned, again. Don’t know what I’d said (but I never do). It was a different kind of ban than I was used to, tho. Usually, they let me in, but don’t let me post. Thought maybe this time it was permanent. I tried again a few times and suddenly I was in.

Now, I just keep pounding away at the Login. Open a new window and login again. Sometimes it logs in the next window, sometimes it takes as many as 10 tries.

It might be an AdBlock issue? On the old site, our esteemed host pitched a lot of products. I don’t see it much here, but I now have an AdBlock installed.

I wonder how many members have quit, thinking they were banned?


The old website was far better.


Yes. Happened to me just a couple of days ago. I do nothing to try and solve the problem. I just wait until tomorrow and try again. Rinse and repeat until it works.


And it’s not even close.



Had the same problem on my home computer last night. But I could get in on my phone.


@Talk2Bill you have any insight on this little glitch or do the powers that be in NY know anything.

(See I ask the people that know. I know nothing . . . Nooooooooooooooooooothing (not even for a candy bar))


I have had more disfunction issues on this site than I did on the old. This site has a few convenient features that the old site did not, but the same can be said about the features on the old site that are not available here. On the balance, I weigh the old site better than this one.


I will let them know.


There was a message that appeared across the top of the screen that said the forum was read only at this time. Just checking to see if I was silenced for some reason. :slight_smile: