Locked out ip address


Unless you are a programmer you have no clue how true that is.

There seems like there are new text markup languages every day.

Then there are scripting and programming languages.

I laugh about the AI revolution coming out of Silly Valley. They are’nt making new AI, they are too busy screwing around with new low level ■■■■ that replicates stuff we already have.


I just ignore it until it allows me to log in. You don’t actually have to do anything until it doesn’t tell you that.


You just keep clicking the button?


I sure as heck don’t. I’m using the same password as I did on the old board with one character added because it required one more character than I was using. I wouldn’t be here if I had to keep changing my password.


Don’t tell me that I have no clue. I have been railing against software upgrades for more than 30 years. :wink:


Had the problem again - at home this time. Tried logging in using google, and it asked me for the code for my app? I hope this gets fixed.


No. I try again after every reboot. Sooner or later it allows me to log in. But until then I am locked out.


What kind of device are you using? I have had this issue twice on the iPad, but never on my desk top. I’m thinking it has something to do with mobile devices.


Mine has been two desktops.


Microsoft or Apple OS?


Microsoft on both


On my desktop.


Looks like I get to join the club. This happened to me this morning also. Had to just keep trying until it finally worked, but what a pain in the ass. It shouldn’t take 15 minutes to log in. :frowning_face:


I had this issue yesterday. Clearing cookies in my browser fixed it.


I just got my computer back from the techs and there were no cookies to clear, so mine must be another issue.


I just create a new password.


Often techs are just guys who’s mom told them they should get a job in computers. You can refresh cookies yourself - id still recommend trying. It’s now worked twice for me.


I checked and there were no cookies to delete. I do know how to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this problem still happening to some people?