Locked out ip address

At 2 places that i post from, i cant log in.
Says “PH cannot… from this ip address”

I basically am locked out, accessed from a fast food place to post this.


Try this fix

Password reset works.

Snow, note that there are technically two suggested solutions in that linked thread.

Thanks for getting me back on the site!!!


Good evening PH. I have not see you in some time

Why not just go back to what worked? Is this crap really necessary?

What software really worked? The old one had more problems than this one.

I dont recall the old forum having this IP issue, lack of an ability to edit one’s own posts, regular users getting other poster edit functions. Like i said in an earlier post, this seems to be a no man’s sky sorta thing.

No but it had a lot of other issued that resulted in many many complaints.

And go to the commuity feedback on how to edit your posts. There is a way.

I will certainly look thanks.

Thank you! I can sign in now, but I think it fixed itself.

You could have fooled me.

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Now the password reset approach is not working. I have had to do it 3 times to get this posted.

Another night, another password…

This sucks.

I got that IP address problem this morning. Waited a few minutes and tried again and it let me in.

Same happened here. Nothing at all changed on my end. I quit trying about 2 weeks ago, and just gave it a go today because I was waiting for something else to load, and was able to log on. Go figure

I will say that I never had a problem on the “old” forum, but there do seem to be a number of complaints on the new version. Frankly, I’m pretty much in the “If something works, don’t fix it” camp.

This is getting stupid.

Logged in with a password reset and the site kicked me off in less than 30 seconds.

Fix this or I am out.

I get that you are trying to herd us to FB/G/Y/…

I’d take it personally if I were you. :wink:

That’s the problem with melenial software jocks … they just are never satisfied with a product. They have to keep tweeking it “to make it better” or their lives are somehow unfulfilled.

It may be personal. I can’t believe that everyone here changes their password every day.