LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA Rally in Erie PA. tonight 10/10/2018


Its working. Tap the word LIVE by red dot at bottom left or reliad the page first.


I just checked and I had to tap on the LIVE words a couple times then it was fine again… The stream itself is also fine on yt on my 4k TV


Umm no. The blue wave is already here…


"Has anyone noticed this Hurricane coming down on Florida right now? Anyone seen this? Hurricane Michael, they’re calling it. The fake news media is saying it’s the strongest storm (and by the way, lots of water in these storms, they are very wet) to hit the US in 50 years. Am I right? It’s what they’re saying.

And the whole time this is going on (and by the way, we’ve got fantastic people doing amazing things down there right now, everyone is safe and the storm won’t do any real damage thanks to us), not one fake news media outlet mentions that Donald J Trump is in fact the strongest storm to hit the US, probably in the history of ever, I don’t know it’s what I was told, but where’s all the talk about how big and strong I am? Where is it? It’s nowhere. It’s nowhere. Hurricane Michael is a joke compared to Hurricane Donald, and no one is talking about it. Put your hands together and bark, my little minions."


The orange goblin smirks
The crowd cheers, red hats galore
It’s time, LOCK HER UP!


The President is heading to the podium.


Hurricane Michael has killed two people so far. How’s the rally going?


The poor souls stood in line for hours, the hurricane can wait.


With or without toilet paper trail?


I’m sure fat donald will have a moment of silence for the hurricane victims.


Some people in the South are in the process of dying from this storm. I don’t think Donald Trump has the ability to understand when is a good time to have a rally and when is a bad time to have a rally. He’s just not that human.


Optics aren’t really Trump’s specialty.

Now if you want someone to run their mouth and insult people, Donnie’s your guy…


“Thoughts and prayers to all the victims who couldn’t hear my speech tonight.” :disappointed:


Do Trump, Rush or Sean talk about the debt or the stock market anymore? Healthcare?


Don’t participate. If you think a post/thread is in violation, report it. Don’t troll the particular thread protesting your case. This has been reported, and deemed no foul. Now shoo.


I’m actually curious about what’s said in these rallies about healthcare. Does anyone know?


According to RealClearPolitics, Senator Casey is now up by 16 percentage points.


Can’t wear a MAGA hat when its real windy out.


Reports are they led a “lock her up” chant in memory of those who lost heir lives in the hurricane today.


Why don’t you watch to find out?