LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA Rally in Erie PA. tonight 10/10/2018


Erie PA, MAGA rally tonight. The President will speak at around 7pm EST.

Coverage Has begun.

Coverage will include interviews with regular Americans who love America.

When the Stream is on, make sure you are watching live. Tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot next to it, in the lower left side.


Live coverage begins any minute now.


Another one? Does he ever visit the White House any more?


Lou Barletta starting to gain ground on Sleepy Bob Casey.


This live coverage has begun.

The auditorium is already full.


The DOW is still below where it was on 1/26/18. We’re in the middle of a lost year. Does he ever speak about that?


But what is the weather like!?!? How do we know who are patriots without being told to look at them?


Perhaps Trump’s supporters could thank him for that tonight. It would be a great gesture.


Already full? How many are still waiting outside? Thousands?


millions and billions.


And all unpaid patriots.


I heard there were trillions waiting outside.


I’ll bet its gazillions.


Something tells me no.


Isn’t there a hurricane slamming down on Florida right now? Why is this clown having a rally? What the hell is wrong with him?


Stock market lost 850 points today, hopefully he’ll talk about that for a bit.


Amazon, bezos, and Soros fault


This will give him a chance to talk about how great the government’s response to the hurricane will be.


Wonder if they’re getting his supply of paper towels ready.


People’s homes being destroyed, human lives will be lost as well but fat donald’s ego doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that.