LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA Rally in Erie PA. tonight 10/10/2018


I wonder if any of his people have told him the optics here suck.


Trump numbnuts would be losing their ■■■■ if Obama did the same thing.


Gotta admit - it is odd behavior for a president.

Unfortunately, it has become the norm under Trump.


I’m sure they did but fat donald doesn’t give a ■■■■. His ego is what matters.


Plus I imagine he doesn’t want to let down the MAGAts that showed up for his rally.


This is some unbelievable ■■■■ this clown is pulling.


You have it backwards. The magats don’t want to let trump down. He needs his safe space and adulation


Earlier today THE PRESIDENT held a televised Hurricane Michael meeting. He also began his bill signing of his Bill to reduce drug costs, with news on the preparation for the Hurricane, He said he considered cancelling the Rally, but was told there were already thousands waiting and many who arrived last night to wait in line.

All the hurricane prep is in place.


Question, do you think it’s appropriate for fat donald to have a rally at the exact time a Cat 5 hurricane is destroying human lives in Florida?


And he loves the ego stroke.


This is starting to backfire on his orange ass.


He mentioned that today while talking about the Hurricane with FEMA guy around 1pm. He was concerned about the “thousands of people already on line waiting for him tonight”


Un ■■■■■■■ believable.


What? Like they wouldn’t be able to find their way home if he didn’t give them a rally?


What did he have to do with it besides signing it (actually …them … 2 bills)

Besides… neither one “reduces drug costs”.

Perhaps you’d like to come back to your other thread on that topic and explain how they do.


Eleventy jillion patriots.


Wow so many people love Trump! But where is his African-American? I never see him anymore.


I don’t know why that quote got attributed to me.


I think I quoted your post quoting her…


The YouTube feed I am on says the rally should start soon. They are playing his earlier press q&a.