LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA Rally in Erie PA. tonight 10/10/2018


So let me guess he got all the greatest hits;
2016 election win
Lock her up
Opening new steel Dozens of new brand new steel plants


Whats the word on Florida? Or should I check a fake newsite? I wonder how mnay people got caught off guard because they didnt believe the fake news about the hurricane?


And your cats.



10 char


He will probably fire the Fed chief.


That’s not how it works


Damp Cats

10 Charles


That is the exact answer that Senator Casey’s aids used to put him back to sleep today.

Least effective Senator twice running…


Trump was highly critical of Obama having a event one week after hurricane Sandy hit. When asked about why he was going ahead with this rally, Trump said that he could not disappoint all of the people that were camped out overnight to get into the arena. It was reported today that there were no overnight campers at the arena.


So Trump told another lie? Shocking!!


What did he say about healthcare?


Seems that there were and there were so many they had to have the fire marshal check capacity limits.

Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump drew crowds in Erie on Wednesday.

By far the biggest crowd was at Erie Insurance Arena, where Trump held a 7 p.m. campaign rally.

Thousands of people started lining up outside the arena early Wednesday morning and began filing inside just after 2:30 p.m. They were still filing inside until almost 6 p.m. when the fire marshal temporarily ordered the door closed while he judged the crowd size versus the arena’s 9,000-capacity.


Why don’t you watch? The link is posted in the op


Trump said that there were people camped out overnight. The article you linked to says that he lied. People started showing up in the afternoon. But the real issue is that no American President has done such a thing in the past. And Trump was being a total hypocrite in regards to his criticism of Obama. And Trump supporters give him a pass.


Yes, waist my time listening to the same ■■■■. Even Fox News has given up on showing his rally’s. According to Politico his prime time rally ratings were tanking fast.


So no plan still?


I will let anyone capable of reading make up their own minds. The article clearly states people started showing up in the early morning and were admitted at 2:30 to the arena.

You really need not force your opinion so much. It’s awfully tacky.

I brought a local report. What did you bring besides the tacky?


Another day, another town where cultists take a day off of work (if they work) to listen to the same speech Trump made in every town he’s been campaigning.


He updated Hurricane Michael response in near real time…Completely new and compelling information.


He did, he said that he didn’t care about hurricane victims, he has a rally to attend.

Lock her up!
Sleepy Bob!
Build that wall
We love Kim!