Lies told by Biden and Trump

Can’t answer?

Please post them and I’ll tell you. Just do what I’m doing, providing unquestionable proof with Biden recorded saying it…not some entity telling you what Trump said. You’ve had plenty of opportunity and have not been able to do so, so I’m a tad surprised by this post.

I did. I am not a liberal so ask one. I don’t feel the need to talk for liberals. They are more than capable of speaking for themselves.

Your commitment to this “I’ve never seen proof of Trump lying.” bit is commendable. I’ll give you that.

…but your inability to prove me wrong…yet still acting as if you’re right…is not. Just sayin…

Again. Your commitment to this bit is truly commendable. Never change.

You don’t have 7 minutes to view a video of what some say are lies but have the same amount of time to state no proof exists?

No. I’d guessed they placed their best lies first and if that’s true, that’s as far as it was worthy of watching IMO.

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He can’t control it.

Biden is completely broke.

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The impeachments were later. His new plan was supposed to be out in two weeks of taking office.