Lies told by Biden and Trump

Brandon has found something he excels at.

Lying… blatantly.

Biden Says Trump Should Have Injected Himself with Bleach: ‘Wish He Had Done a Little Bit’

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According to the Washington Post, Trump has told 35,000 lies. And Biden is holding fast at zero.

Remember this Biden gem:

Wel, now it’s been debunked by the Fed of all people.

Corporate greed not causing inflation.


Just go to the tubes…

Are you ready;

#1 lie; Trump saying “I will always tell you the truth”.
#2 A never Trumper says, “Donald Trump lies like breathing. He doesn’t know what the truth is”.
#3 crowd sizes;

I don’t have time…

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Good effort though.


It was not.


Yer sarcasm meter is broken.

In summary, what he lacks in quantity of lies, Former President Trump makes up for in the number of times he will repeat the same lie.

Well, they call them false or misleading claims instead of lies, so you are technically correct. I hear that is the best kind.

Oh sweet baby Jesus that’s funny. :joy:

Biden has been telling the same lies and the media keeps pointing out the lie yet the next day, he tells it again. He can’t help himself.

The most used lie he still uses is the Amtrak lie.


Perhaps, if congress had worked with Trump to solve problems instead of impeaching him over and over for nothing…

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“Inflation is temporary”…


Neither one of the candidates is a bulwark of moral standards. No one cares about standards anymore, just how policy impacts pocketbooks.

Is that the lib way of saying ‘I know I was projecting Biden’s actual behavior onto Trump, but they are both bad so it’s OK to do so’?


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Like those two years during Trump’s presidency when the GOP had control of both houses?

Here’s Biden telling the lie that now more illegals are leaving the country than coming across at the 20 second mark. His blatant lies don’t stop. This guy is an absolute piece of ■■■■ .


Ask a liberal.

Biden’s blatant lies makes him a piece of ■■■■ .
Trump’s blatant lies makes him a … what exactly?

A politician