Lies told by Biden and Trump

I keep hearing about Trump lying but what I don’t see is the lie that he told having a link so that it can be substantiated. I do hear Biden lies and so it occurred to me…lets keep track of both. When you hear a lie by either Trump or Biden, post it here so that we can all keep track. A post regarding a lie has the link with it substantiating what you posted. This should help all of us keep track of who is lying or it will expose the sources as lying about the lie? Let’s all have some fun with this before the election and hopefully will open all of our eyes just a tad more?

I’ll start this off with Biden telling everyone his uncle was eaten by cannibals. My link is a recording of him actually claiming this.

Ok people…your turn. What lie has either Trump or Biden told and how far back do you have to go?


I dunno about Biden himself, but all his supporters keep lying about his habitual kid sniffing tendencies. :face_vomiting: :rofl:


I don’t understand. There’s already…38 views of this new thread and yet, no Trump lies posted? :wink:

I keep trying over and over and over again to get libs to point out one time where Trump threw shade at Kid Sniffer voters the same way just about every Democrap out there ■■■■■ directly on Trump voters.

Apparently, that’s a Dem and their (D)ogs only kind of thing. :man_shrugging:


Mexico is gonna pay for the wall.

Gonna replace Obamacare with something bigger, and better!


Trump’s gonna throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game after Fauci did it.

Man, this is easy!

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They waited for D-Day to enlist?

You have to build it before they can pay for it.

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So the plan was to build it first then send the bill? Brilliant!

Got some irrefutable proof of election fraud. We’ll see it in two weeks.

FYI, if Trump says he’s gonna do something in two weeks is automatically a lie.


There is more than one way to get something paid for. How’s that Baltimore bridge working out?

The puss away to Ukraine?


As president Trump won’t have time for golf.


No idea how the bridge is coming along. But I do know Mexico never paid for the wall. But I’m curious about the other ways you’re talking about.

biden was a lying fraud back when you watched trump on oprah and hoped he’d run for pres

this killed biden’s campaign. gee wonder why it doesnt now… (if you really dont know you are probably why)


The wall wasn’t built.

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And how were we gonna collect if it was?

Edit: this is a circular argument. Let’s move on.

Just Biden being Biden, right?

“Food for everyone”, but of course he didn’t pay for squat.

Edit: So it appears he didn’t stiff the restaurant because nobody actually ordered anything before they all left. He was just making it look like he was buying for everybody.

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