Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


I just love when a user name fits like a glove.


Dude abides.


I see plenty of defense from the left.


Northam will stay. Fairfax will go.
Northam can’t be impeached. There’s no way to get rid of him. I just read that he will stay and turn all of his attention to racial matters- slavery reparations, the whole ball of wax.
Fairfax will resign or be impeached.
Herring will stay.


By and large the Democratic Party has called for resignations and accountability. The same cannot be said for the GOP when it comes to their own.


Well, that’s not true. What democrats called for Bill Clinton to resign?


Kavanaugh had 6 or more background checks. He had another one to please the democrats.
You can’t prove something that happened over 40 years ago when the accuser told no one at the time, in fact told no one for forty years , can’t remember the exact date, can’t remember the exact location, can’t remember how she got there, can’t remember how she got home. No one she named as being at the party could remember such a party with the people that she named.
All the other woman that claimed he assaulted them later admitted to making the stories up. All the men that said they knew of women he assaulted later said they made it all up. No one he went to high school with or college could remember him ever acting in such a way. No one he dated said he acted like that with them.
All they had was that he drank a lot in high school and college. And I would say that more than half of high school and college boys and girls drink a lot. If that means you can’t had a position in politics than I would say that more than half of the people in Washington should quit and go home.


Give me proof of the exact date and exact house where it happened and I’ll believe you.


I can she is a leftist and thought that this was one way to derail the nomination and maybe get it pushed off until 2020 when maybe the democrats would take over the senate. And it made her a hero in her little circle of friends.


I don’t care about his young drinking adventures, I’m concerned with the old Kavanaugh lying about it and that those allegations never did get a full airing.

There were plenty of people who came forward with contradictory stories to Kavanaugh’s drinking days. Most weren’t interviewed because, I suppose, it didn’t relate directly to Ford’s allegations of one specific incident. How convenient.


But multiple allegations from different accusers involving this guy. Reserve judgment!!!


I didn’t know that drinking in high school and college was a crime you could be convicted of many years later. I’d say over half of the people in Washington should resign and go home. In fact I remember him saying he drank in high school and college and that he liked beer and still likes beer. I remember him talking about drinking games.
Should we give a drug test to everyone in Washington everyday and if they have been drinking send them home because they cant have that job because they are drunks. Should we do a back ground check on everyone running for office and if they stole something when they were three deem them unfit for office.
Should we send every politician home the first time they are found to have lied. The capital would be empty. Face it the fact that he drank had no bearing on his being confirmed. Most of the democrats sitting there putting on their stupid act probably drank and did drugs in high school and college. We all know that they lie from time to time.


Innocent until proven guilty does not require only a single allegation. It works for multiple allegations too.


Oh I know. Liberals decided Kavanavagh was guilty the second a single accusation was made. Now there are multiple against this guy, and we’re supposed to reserve judgment.

Complete double standard.


“Didn’t get a full airing!” Are you kidding. The left aired them IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN.


You’re only supposed to reserve judgement if you’re consistent and reserved judgement for Kavanaugh.

It seems you’re arguing for not reserving judgement on Fairfax because dems didn’t for Kavanaugh.

That is not a position of integrity.


I guess that’s why the investigation didn’t feel the need to actually make them part of the investigation.


Again, not true at all.


And who reserved judgment on Kavanagh? Nobody on the left that I know of.


So the investigators did look into all those people that were ‘aired out’ by the left?

I heard a lot of people interviewed by papers that contradicted Kavanaugh’s version of his younger drinking days. Which of those were considered/interviewed by the investigation?