Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam

Of leaking sexual assault allegation against him.

No kidding. Racist democrat KKK white supremacist Northam for leaking a barbaric sex act of Fairfax attempting to force a woman to perform a sex act on him.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Unlike Kavanaugh Fairfax isn’t denying that he had “encounter” with her.

In a statement Monday, Fairfax denied assaulting anyone, but acknowledged having a consensual encounter with the woman.

Seems to me his and her account differs.

Sure you can…7 billion people in the world…im sure someone would have…

Sounds like there are good people on both sides.

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I have feeling things are going t get real back for certain political party…providing repugs don’t blow it.

But I have faith they will.

This train wreck in Virginia has me perplexed. First, our illustrious governor is accused of racism. Not that such accusations are rare, but he is a Democratic…I can’t believe my waking eyes. Now, our wonderful lieutenant governor, and next in line to take over, is accused of sexual assault. Other than the overwhelming silence from the “believe women” crowd, the fact that he too is a virtuous Democratic has really put a damper on my long held belief of that parties moral superiority.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this… So a racist, and a sex offender walk into a governor’s mansion…


Sounds familiar…is the punch line something about “I can’t remember if that yearbook photo is of me in blackface or if I’m miss remembering another time I was in blackface”?

Fear not, this will all blow over as soon as some media outlet finds a picture of a kid in a maga hat taunting some minority with a racist smile.

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I think he told it wrong. It isn’t governor’s mansion, it was the people’s house.

Don’t know how the joke ends however. Time will tell.

I know how the joke ends…on the state of Virginia.

People are sayin’ that George Soros is gonna buy MAGA hats for the caravans coming north. Sneaky, very sneaky.

Northam will probably step down. He has lost the confidence of a lot of his base.

The allegations against Jackson should be investigated and if found to be compelling enough, he should step down.

Why would he want to turn all those poor innocent migrant woman and children into a racist mob of violent thugs? Hell, a caravan of maga hat wearing migrants…Democrats would demand we militarize the border let alone build a wall.


Trumpist defense, reversed for the situation:

  1. But Donald!
  2. I voted for policy, not the man.
  3. Trumpists care about values and principles now?
  4. Still better than a Republican.
  5. lol Cry moar, Trumpists!

I’m no fan of Northam, but his actions in this…both past and present…really left me stunned. First admitting it was him in the picture, then claiming upon further remembrance, it wasn’t him in the picture because when he was in blackface he was imitating Michael Jackson. The ■■■■■ really?

As far as Fairfax goes, I think that’s going to boil down to a he said/she said deal. Lacking any corroboration, I’m not going to be out there demanding he resign. But after the whole Kavanaugh deal, it’s a bit pathetic.

That’s the spirit. If ya can’t beat them, act like them.

Northam’s handling of it is quite bizarre.

As far as Jackson, as long as there is an effort to take the matter seriously, he will more than likely survive it.

While Trump is standing on top of the wall waving them in.

Don’t think small my friend, George Soros doesn’t… people are sayin’.