Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


Yes, bizarre is a good description of it.


People say a lot of things, but when it comes to Soros and other super villains, I don’t really listen.


So he admitted to the picture and then he said it wasn’t him. Didn’t the Trump supporters give him a pass when he said the same thing regarding the Access Hollywood tape?


This gets even better. The woman that accused Fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex has hired same attorney that YFord used on Kavanaugh. :rofl:


It’s very legal and very cool.


OP, what laws has he violated? Has he been charged or convicted of anything here?


I saw someone defending these guys on Tucker… A perfect spokesmen from the Clinton machine. A mercenary liar… Just lie!


That’s what they do, lie and lie some more.

What I want to know thou…who are they going to chose?

A known racist baby killer…or the rapist baby killer.

Pick one libs…your choice. :rofl:


The Governor needs to resign. Sure he was a lot younger when he acted stupidly and I have no reason to believe he is racist but the optics are bad and unfortunately that’s what politics is all about.

As for the Lt Governor, his accuser should be allowed to provide evidence,. If she cannot we move on but if what she claims is true then he has no business being in political office and should expect to be prosecuted.


Are you looking to Trump supporters for moral guidance on this, or just looking for a way to excuse it?


And that man’s name… Bess Truman


If you have no reason to believe he is a racist why should he resign? Why do we judge a persons entire character on their worst possible moment in life.


Let’s just hope the republicans allow a true and thorough investigation of this woman’s claims. Does that seem reasonable to you conan, or don’t you care about sexual assault claims beyond their humor value?


I’ll have to quit trying to insert humor in my posts to you.


Tucker doesn’t invite perfect spokesman. He scours the fringes to find some extreme character he thinks he can make fun of.


In the case of the Lt. Governor what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Does that only apply to Kavanaugh?


If it’s like the Kavanaugh ‘investigation’ they will talk to the Lt. G. and his friends and avoid interviewing people that support the accusers claims.


We can probably expect the President to take a few minutes and mock the accusing woman tonight during the SOTU address as well.


I thought it was funny, I just couldn’t think of a funny reply. I was working on something about Trump waving them in and his tiny little hands, but I couldn’t land an ending to it…so I went with ■■■■ it, I’ll just say this.


My bad.

I’m back to inserting humor (if relevant).

Glad we could talk.