Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


Well, one walked into the White House so why not. Or something.


Now THAT’s virtue signalling.


I did.

I’m probably what you would call “Classical Left”. That’s when you support many conservative policies (because they started in classilcal liberalism) but don’t like many of the people/arguments presented to support those policies.


Thank you very much for giving a perfect example of what I said about the republicans reaction.


This thread isn’t about Clinton.


I see New York governor slams libs new princess over Amazon fiasco. :rofl:


It relates to Billy though.

One time Slick Bill Clinton said to one of the Kennedy’s " you know
just a couple years ago, and Obama would be serving us our drinks"
And bill Clinton went to fantasy island where he raped an underaged girl.
He also paid out several women who he raped, and Hillary tried slandering
their good names.

Just like Northam is a Racist, and a blackface scandal, and his
lutienant gov. under him raped a couple of women. How do the matters not relate
to each other?

The fact of the matter is that we live in a two tier justice system where Democrat
Politicians can be Racist and Sexists, and get away with, and aren’t
held accountable for their actions, by the Liberal media, the Law,
or by their Voters.