Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


Anyway…it looks like the dems are pushing Northam out…and supporting the rapist who admitting have sex with his victim.


Not witnesses to Ford’s claim. Witnesses to Kavanaugh’s claim of not drinking to excess.


I didn’t know drinking was a crime.


This is why I won’t talk to you about this. I can’t compete with faux stupid.

Kavanaugh’s claim was under oath. Think on it and don’t get back to me.


You don’t get to decide what I can or cannot do.

This thread is about allegation of Fairfax sexual assault…and him accusing Northam of pushing/promoting the lie.

Democrats push hard that woman should be believed.

Fairfax admitting having sex with his victim.

But unless my eyes are deceiving me members are trying to deflect from this to Kavanough drinking?

That ■■■■ doesn’t fly.

The racist baby killer.
Rapist baby killer or otehr racist.


You do know of Legal Jurisdiction right? The FBI would NOT be the initiation jurisdiction on the type of crime that allegely occurred back then. You know that RIGHT? Unless you can post a link to a federal law that was allegely broken back then it would be the local city/county that starts the CRIMINAL investigation then if they need to send a request for FBI assistance in th ecase.

The ONLY thing the FBI was doing was conducting a background check. They wouldn’t find guilt/innocense in the incident. They would interview the accuser, the accused and any named witnesses. Oh wait, the senate committe already did that. Beyond that, not much the FBI would do in a BACKGROUND investigation. You like many other confuse what should have been done with a CRIMINAL investigation.

Whatever floats your boat.


But you think admitting to have sex with someone is… lol


So what’s it going to be…blackface racist baby killer?

The rapist baby killer?

Or other racist? That’s the choose Virginian must make.


You’re right. That’s a choice for Virginians to make. Are you from Virginia or you just helping out?


They interviewed anyone with any relevant new information to add.


A rapper Snoopy woof woof can act like he’s shooting the President
and that’s ok for Liberals to do. I’m just curious but when black rappers say the
N word, wouldn’t that ultimately only make more hate in this country racially
wise? Or how about when they call women derogatory names. Would
you think that would help with Equality for Women, and men wanting to treat
women as equals? Owe and there’s drugs too! Go listen to rappers talk about
40’s(alcohol), and Blunts and other drugs, and listen to that for years, and then
you’ll probably want to be doing some of those things sooner than later.
Why do you think Lib Dems want open borders? They can drop it like it’s hot,
and get billions or trillions of dollars in illegal drugs each year.

Weird. Did anybody else notice that if you go to youtube and type in Jimmy Kimmel and blackface, that it’s been deleted?

The link below is the closest thing I could find, but it has Ben Shapiro a Republican commentator in it first. There is no direct link any more. But you can still always find direct links to people mocking our President. I wonder why that is?

It couldn’t be a double standard, could it? In the Liberal Mainstream Media?
Google does it, YouTube does it. Facebook does it.


Yeah, what happened with Megyn Kelly is just completely ridiculous. Jimmy Kimmel should also be standing up and defending that clip.

There is also nothing wrong with darkening your skin if you are dressing up like Michael Jackson either imo. As long as it’s early MJ, before he became white.


Michael Jackson was white?

Jesse Jackson said that he was a Proud Black man though?
it was either Jesse, or Al Sharpton. I forget. One of those two for sure.
Why would he die his skin white, if he was a proud black man?

He had white kids also.


I don’t think anything is going to happen. The is lots of fire and smoke, but they’re just waiting for the wind to come and blow the fire out.

And it will, there is too much to lose for the Democrats. Redistricting is in two years, and the Republicans have shown to be masters at gerrymandering when in full control. Blackface or not, a Democrat is not handing the governor keys to a Republican before 2021.


Double Booyakasha!


It’s the truth.




Lose the plot already? Unfortunate.


None of them should resign.