Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


That’s funny!

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Yes… one never happened and one did…


Kavanaughs accuser needed to just say when and where this took place so it could be investigated. No corroborating facts. Maybe democrats should find a better victim next time, one that can remember something.


Here is a statement from the one who claimed to be abused.

Copy and pasting here doesn’t come out right, so can’t put it here, but unlike Kavanaugh, there is details right there.


Again, I am not the least bit surprised you believe that gibberish about her not giving any information about when and where.


Very detailed and thorough. I feel sorry for what that lady had to endure.


She couldnt remember when and where. It was a vague testimony. This is the level of deceit the democrats are willing to use to destroy a persons life.


I think her statement is very compelling, and I’m sure that she is a very fine woman. And yeah, I’m borrowing that from what Trump said about Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

“I thought her testimony was very compelling, and she looks like a very fine woman to me.” - Trump the day after her testimony.

Difference is, I won’t change my mind and mock her and that statement a few days from now to the applause and laughs of a bunch of drooling idiots.


“I thought her testimony was very compelling, and she looks like a very fine woman to me.” - Trump the day after her testimony.


While I do believe there are horrible cases of people lying about sexual assault, unlike what I consider to be the pathetic reaction of many on the right to Christine Blasey Ford, I don’t see any reason this woman would lie about what she experienced and felt during that encounter.

No amount of investigation will be able to uncover what happened in that room, but they could find if she had shared this with anyone in the past which would really be the final nail in Fairfax career imo.


Umm do you ever actually listen to democrats or follow people in the #metoo movement?


Just as I gave Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt, I give Fairfax the same, though I disagree with him on stuff. She said she held it in til 2017 when she saw him running for office and she decided to tell the Post. Would be nice to see what the people that she told say about this.


Interesting, she has the date, time and location of the assault. That’s far more then Ford had.


Remember that cointoss that decided the fat of that one seat in VA that let the GOP keep the House of Delegates?

Well… that could be really important.

With Herring facing new scrutiny, even close observers of Virginia politics were suddenly at a loss: If Northam, Fairfax and Herring are out of the picture, who’s next?
Happily, the state’s constitution is clear on this. Fourth-in-line to the governorship is the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox, R. Note that R! Should the three Democrats step aside, Virginia would suddenly have a Republican governor.
But only because of a coin toss.

Remember Every vote counts.


I stand by what I said about the republican reaction to Christine Blasey Ford and now apparently Vanessa Tyson.


Yeah man, it’s simply mind boggling given the differences in ages and circumstances at the time of the attacks and the difference in time between the attacks.

Like wow! It really speaks volumes, don’t it mate?


Libs will say and do anything to justify their own hypocrisy.

Funny how I can remember what happen about sexual account 4 and half decades ago.

Where, when and who. Can’t remember the day but the month it started and how long.

Meanwhile she can’t remember where, what house, year and who was there.

The woman that’s accuse Fairfax remember day, time location…and rapist even admitted to sexual act.


I thought trump lies all the time


The lawyers know what was missing from their Ford experience.


Every coin toss too.